It was not the day I was expecting, but at least it was better than yesterday.


I started the day with my usual run with Dennis. We went out to the river and back and I have to admit this was probably the worst run I have had in quite a while! My legs never loosened up and Dennis said even my feet weren’t hitting the ground as they normally do- my toes were pointing out. I don’t know how that happened, but maybe I was trying to move any way I could.

It didn’t help on this run that my watch was acting really weird. My Garmin has been great since I got it in December and had only messed up once, but I guess today makes twice. It didn’t record one of the longest blocks and then when I got done it didn’t sync to the app or record my splits:(. It’s a good thing I’m old school and record my mileage in a book! Another 6.25km in the book:)

I had agreed to run with Sarah this afternoon too. I thought it would just be 3km or so, but it turned out she wanted to do 6km too. It wasn’t a tough run and I didn’t hurt on this one as she runs about s minute slower than me per kilometer, so it was just for mileage. I got another 6.12km in even though the weather tested us with a downpour!


Today was slightly better than yesterday. I was feeling a little rushed this morning as though I had already posted the daily work before I went out for my run, I had to solve some problems from yesterday. I have learned that I don’t like carryover from the previous day as it makes me feel behind. I did get caught up on marking student work and answering emails.

I stopped in at school and almost cried when I saw that my class looks like it does in August. I’m going to have to go in and set it up again:(

I had a bit of trouble finding WiFi, but once I did I feel like I was productive. I got all but two activities completed and in the queue for next week. I’ll finish off those last two after I check student work in the morning.


I don’t even know if this really counts as baking, but I had to share it because it was so yummy! I decided that since it was my weigh in day and I had run 12km it was a good day for my sweet treat. I have come to the realization that I need a sweet treat in my rotation as otherwise I just fall off the wagon big time. I love cinnamon buns and have not allowed myself to make any, but I found this Recipe for a Gluten Free Cinnamon Roll Mug Cake at Gluten Free Palate. I made it with oat, arrowroot and tapioca flours and it was delicious. I also made the glaze into a cream cheese icing and added raisins to the cake. It was just about an inch in the bottom of my big soup mug and it was just the right amount and tasted so good!! I need to remember this recipe!


I had:

Rice cake with peanut butter

Grapes and almonds

Steak and Caesar salad

Veggies and hummus

Mug cake

More than I wanted to have, but at least I hit my panic number this morning so I am going in the right direction now:)


I have no great book on the go right now so am spending my time on Scrabble Go- if you’re on it, let me know:)

Have fun!


8 thoughts on “Double Six

  1. What a perfect individual treat! You are really racking up the kms! I am on my 5th day of this experiment with intermittent fasting. I haven’t changed much else, just making sure I wait 16 hours between supper and breakfast. I think I’ll be able to tell if it’s actually doing something in another week or two. Sorry that your classroom is a wreck again, very irritating.

    1. I am alternating between normal small meals and a day of all protein as I find it helps with the retention of water which seems to be my biggest enemy!

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