At the start of this year I was having a difficult time getting myself out the door for runs. I just didn’t know what kind of goal I wanted this year and without a goal, I wasn’t getting the miles in.

Well then an awesome woman named Kathy helped me out. She gave me a goal. I am running from my house in British Columbia to her house in South Dakota. It is a very long way!! It may actually take me years to get there, but it does the trick and gets me out the door:)

At the start of April I was in the Olallie State Park in Washington.

My goal was to make it to Ellenaburg, but I actually made it past there and Kittitas. I am now where Park Creek crosses the I90.

Unfortunately there is nothing here- not even a lake, so there’s no place to stop:(. I may be tempted to dip my feet into this creek as it’s quite the creek!

I really didn’t realize that it would take me so many months to just get through Washington State, but it will be okay as long as Kathy doesn’t move!🤣

Until next month!


22 thoughts on “Run to Rapid City Update #2

      1. Oops! I apologise! I must not disturb a gardener or her garden. I’ve just come in from pulling saplings out of our little flower garden. I wouldn’t want to move, knowing I prevented a forest from growing in our backyard.

      2. I am a very reluctant gardener, and I have the feeling I’m going to throw a farewell party for the garden when it is time to move from this house. If I get nostalgic, I’ll pull out a few photos.

      3. Heehee- ok, I guess I’ll just have to run the whole way. I’m at 413 and I put another 8 in this morning:)

    1. Yes New York is up next! I thought I had run so far so it’s tough to not even get to Moses Lake, but I’m getting closer with every step:)

      1. I’ll let you know when the coast is clear. Our governor just closed school for the remainder of the academic year. I can’t I disagree and I can’t really say I am unhappy about this. I am really content and peaceful and don’t enjoy this feeling while in session.

      2. Yes I saw you were closed. It would be calming to have a decision. I’ve been upset this week as they keep talking of us going back

  1. Moses Lake is probably a bit of a stretch this month unless you are planning some 20km runs this month.😳 Washington is a big state, but it is getting you mentally prepared for Montana! However, the scenery in Montana changes so much it will be entertaining at least!

    1. Yes Moses City is probably a little far, but I figure with every run I get a tiny bit closer:). It has been neat to look up what I’m going by- so far, a lot of trees!

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