A Change, But it was Okay

A little change in routine today, but it was okay, well except for my eating.


I thought I should share my house plan with you.

Monday- grocery shopping

Tuesday- change sheets and wash

Wednesday- clean bathroom

Thursday- sweep floors, wash kitchen floor, vacuum rug

Friday- laundry

Saturday- dust

I am sure there are many things I am forgetting but it at least keeps my house habitable:)

And yes the cute guy was at the grocery store this morning, but he was busy talking with another worker so I didn’t get to talk to him.

I stopped on the way home to use the Starbucks WiFi and was amazed to see the Starbucks open for mobile order pickup. I’m thinking might be going back to normal too quickly, but I guess we’ll see.


I posted the work this morning, answered emails, responded to work on FreshGrade, made up two new lessons for this week and explored Prodigy for math.

It was the first day where I didn’t feel like I was super rushed and stressed. Can this please be the start of a new wave:)


I went on my lunch hour and did a run with a friend. Don’t worry, I maintained my distance. It was a slow run for me so I think I will count it mainly as a day off.

Of course I may have messed that up by doing this workout that Maureen shared this morning. It wasn’t bad and I’m definitely going to feel that pulsing plié squat!


I am working on a cowl in Cotton for my secretary. She wants to give it to her mom for Mother’s Day.

I have also finally got started on the Seraphina top. It is quite the complicated shoulder pattern so I wrote it out and am only making myself do one repeat a night. In another four nights, I’ll be able to actually start the rest of the sweater🤣


Not being in my usual routine managed to still screw up my eating. I have to stick to the plan!!!

As I say this, I just started a gluten free, vegan sourdough starter. I sure hope it works so I can have yummy bread!

Well I think that’s it for my life.

Have fun!


SAL Update

Wow three weeks can go fast!


This is a picture of the project that has set on my shelf for the past eleven years). This year I am determined and it at least sits on my coffee table now. This is where I was at three weeks ago.

I’m sorry for the poor lighting!

This is what it looks like now:

I changed how I did it this time. I didn’t keep track of my stitches but just made the goal to finish the basket before this update. I am counting this as success because the brown basket is actually finished- it is cut off by fabric, which I haven’t quite finished yet.

I have not yet made a goal for next time as it will either be to do some back stitching (my Leary favourite so I better not leave it all for the end) or to finish the curtain. This is another part I avoid as the colours are all so similar!

Be sure to check out everyone else’s progress! Welcome to our new member of the SAL- Sherrie!There are some amazing projects! If you’re interested in joining, just click on Avis’ link.


















Mary Margaret










I Wonder

I didn’t run this morning and I had a bit of an unsettled day, I wonder if there’s a correlation there? I’ll have to track this!


I’ve just been rereading books so nothing good to talk about here.


Still trying to decide on my next sweater. I want raglan, top down with some interest on the sleeves and hem. As I write this I realize I have a pattern in my Anne Budd book for a raglan v neck sweater. Maybe I’ll just adjust it. I will explore this more tomorrow.


Instead of knitting I did some stitching after my lovely nap, but you’ll see more on this tomorrow.

Baking/ Cooking:

I woke up this morning wanting to make scones and when I was having such an off day I ended up making the scones late this afternoon to see if that helped. It didn’t and the almond flour cookbook once again let me down. The raisin scones taste good but they are much more like cakey cookies than scones:(

I had to get started on my fresh prep meals as I’ve had them since Wednesday night. I made the coriander cod with butter beans and broccoli today. It was supposed to take thirty minutes but took me 45 minutes. The recipe wasn’t difficult and I love roasted broccoli! As well, I’m not sure I love coriander.

The veggies were great but I don’t know about the fish!

Other than dusting, doing laundry and switching my house over to its spring/summer colour, I think this is all I did today.

Have fun!



Sorry about no post last night. My head is exhausted from all the learning I’m doing each day, but my body isn’t tired as I’m not running around my classroom all day. I’m finding it tough to get a good sleep.


This morning I ran the Fort to Fort trail with Dennis. I had warned him it was hilly but he didn’t believe me until we were out there. It is hilly and his allergies were bad so we only did 9.73km, but it was still a gorgeous day for a run! Obviously we weren’t the only ones to think so as I told Dennis we couldn’t do that run again as it was too busy!

This evening I really didn’t want to workout so I did a simple body weight workout. A minute of jogging between these moves: burpees, froggers, pushups, dips, plank, mountain climbers, wall sit, reverse lunges, sumo squats, plié squats, crunches, reverse crunches, bicycle crunches, and knee tucks.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to go do 2km tomorrow morning so I will be at the mileage I want to be. I guess we will see as I don’t want tired legs for Sunday’s run on the dyke. Always the same dilemma!


It was a ProD day today but I feel like I’ve been doing nothing but ProD for about two weeks now so other than reading up on RAZ Kids, I have to admit I took it easy.

Yesterday we had a staff meeting and learned that our district principal has said we will be out another four weeks- they won’t look at returning to school before Mid May.

Socializing (the new way):

I met up with some friends from work for some in person socializing. We found a lovely spot under a tree at a local rec Centre and then made sure we were six feet apart.

It was so lovely to see people! We even saw a former EA and had a great catch up with her too. It was funny how many people commented on our social distancing.


I just can’t seem to get started on a project right now:(

Well tomorrow is another day!

Have fun!


I Need Routine

I talk about having a routine for my students at school, but maybe it’s really for me as today I was out of routine and it really messed me up!


This morning I met Dennis for a trail run. I have to keep reminding myself that trail runs are for fun, not speed as my speed definitely suffered. We had to park two blocks away to add on a kilometer each way as the actual trail and back is only about 4.5km. It wasn’t an elegant, fast or easy run, but I managed to accumulate another 7.5km. I am hoping to do 53km in the second half of April so that I can be caught up on mileage by the end of it.

I was talking with Lyndsay today and she was heading to the track to run 1 mile, do 100 burpees and then run another mile. I had already run, but decided to see if i could do 100 burpees. Yes I can, but why do I let myself get influenced into these ideas????


I sat down right away to get the kindness challenge posted (compliment someone) and the daily activities. I then took an early recess break to shower because I was absolutely freezing. I spent right up until lunch responding to student work on FreshGrade. This is going to be a very time consuming part of this remote teaching!

After watching the lunch webinar on Microsoft Streams( I really shouldn’t have bothered), I ate a quick lunch, watered my plants and did up my dishes.

This afternoon I spent the time gathering all the resources I should need for next week’s activities. I have to admit it went faster than last week and I think I have a small part of OneDrive figured out.

All day though I felt very rushed and I didn’t get my bathroom cleaned until after work:(. I do much better when I just follow my usual routine!


Still listening to and enjoying The Semi Attached Couple.


I have just started the pattern Seraphina which I got off Ravelry. We shall see if I can get it to work as I don’t want it so big and I also have less yarn than it calls for😳


I have had two good days of eating mainly veggies and protein, but today I had the delivery of my fresh prep food. I’ll be sharing that with you over the next few days.

Well I’m going to try and get two more rows of knitting done before I crawl into bed with my book.

Have fun!


The First Day All Over Again

There is only supposed to be one first day of school each year, but this was my second try at it for this year.


I made myself get up and out for my usual run, even though I really wasn’t feeling it. I want to make it to South Dakota though, so I need to run. After 2km I felt fine and my splits actually improved with every kilometer. I got a nice 5.55km in before I started work.


I spent some time this morning answering kids in FreshGrade and commenting on their rocks. We wrote a parent email to explain how this all was going to work and then posted our first assignments. They had daily oral language, a journal, a subtraction still pre test and an introduction to measurement. You would not believe how many emails I answered about these things and only one child got them all done!🤣Which really doesn’t surprise me as I’m sure there’s lots of arguing accompanying these activities. I am just doing my job and allowing parents to do what works for them. The email specifically said that they could do the activities whenever it worked for them. I am not going to be the online school police!

I sent login info to parents for RAZ Kids (I am going to plead ignorance if I get into trouble), watched a webinar on Microsoft Teams and planned next week with my co teacher. We then went back to FreshGrade to comment on the work the students had done.

I can’t believe how quickly my days go and how exhausted I am at the end of them!


I finished my copilot cowl. It is a free pattern on Ravelry and it’s okay, but definitely not my favourite. I think it’s too long and narrow, but we shall see if I wear this one more than the last one.


I have just started listening to the Semi Attached Couple on LibriVox. I picked it solely because Elizabeth Klett narrates it and she’s great! So far it has made me smile a few times so I will keep going.


I am just starting to gauge swatch for my next sweater. We shall see how it goes.


The best part of my day was FaceTiming with my brother, sister in law and my nephew. It was so great to see them!!!!

Well I’m going back to swatching.

Have fun!


Socializing & Social Distancing

It was another day just like my favourite ones:)


I woke up early so got out for my run early too. Dennis has been after me to take two days off and after how good my run was on Sunday, I guess I had better listen to him. I do want to rack up as much mileage as possible though so I went all the way to the mill, rather than turning at Moody Ales. I would like to figure out how to put a little bit more in there.

This evening I did a kickboxing workout. It was fine, but definitely didn’t feel as tough as my normal ones. I did feel like my body needed a bit of a break though.


After a quick trip to the grocery store, I got busy on the copilot cowl. It’s a free pattern on Ravelry and hopefully it will work out.


I also did a bit of stitching on my project. My goal is to be done the basket before the next SAL update.


I was just heading off for a nap when my friend Lyndsay called me to go for a walk. This was great! We got fresh air, social interaction and managed to maintain our distance.


I had to give up on the series bu don’t like not finishing, but I felt like I was losing brain cells by the page:(. I’m now on the lookout for a new book!

Well that’s my day!

Have fun!


Happy Easter!

It was a good day!


Dennis and I ran the last part of the dyke that we hadn’t done yet. It was great! I wasn’t fast today, but I felt like I could run forever. I even suggested keeping going, but Dennis called a halt at 10.4km. I wish every run could be this good!! Two cool sights: a running group all wearing bunny ears and a gorgeous house that had a rooster crowing in the yard. Definitely not something I hear every day:)

This evening I did a workout just to try and keep my runs and workouts even. I did my usual minute of jogging between each of these: bicep curls, overhead tricep extensions, bent over rows, pullovers, dips and pushups, crunches, reverse crunches, static crunch with scissor legs, Russian twists, plank, bicycle crunches, deadlifts, reverse lunges, curtsy lunges, squats, plié squats, and hip raises.

It’s not much but I don’t want to quit in case it’s contributing to these good runs:)


I read two books today in a series that isn’t worth recommending. I hate that even though the books aren’t great I now need to finish the series to see what happens.


I finished the sweater!!!! I’m so happy to be able to say that!

This is the Serra Turtleneck by Amy Christoffers in the book New American Knits. I used the pattern to inform how to do the rolled neck, but then ignored it as I didn’t do the faux seams nor the shaping. I am happy with the rolled neck but may do another in a heavier yarn as it’s not quite what I was thinking of, though I am super happy with it! It also used up another two skeins if yarn and I am at my lowest stash number since I counted the stash🎊😀

Well, I think that’s it and I’m going to go crawl into bed and read the next book in this mediocre series🤣

Have fun!


Happy Weekend

I guess I fell asleep early last night. I didn’t realize I hadn’t written a post until my mom mentioned it today.


Yesterday morning I ran 8.7km with Dennis along a new route. It was an adventure as we had several detours, but we also had a decent pace. I did an L workout last night that was tough. This morning I tried to go for a bike ride but only made it 0.76 km when I finally realized why it was so tough- two flat tires!!! At least I tried to get back out there!


I did laundry yesterday because that was my daily chore, but I have spent a lot of the last two days getting my deck cleaned and plants in. I figure if I have to stay home, I might as well have a nice deck to look at!

I also finished the puzzle I had borrowed from a friend and returned it today. We managed a nice chat from six feet.


Yesterday I tried an almond flour muffin recipe, but it had too much apple for batter so they fell apart- epic fail!


I have finished the body of my sweater and just have a bit more on the sleeves to go. I am trying to make them as long as possible!


I just finished the book Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn. It started out quite slow and I wasn’t even sure it was going to be a romance, but it turned out to be super enjoyable. Reid is very swoony- I like a quiet character who can hold his own when he needs to. Meg is a mess, but it doesn’t take over the book. I would recommend this book:)

I think that’s my life in a nutshell.

Have fun!


Friday Eve, but Really Friday

It is only Thursday which is usually Friday Eve, but since it’s a long weekend, Thursday became Friday:)


I did end up taking today off from my morning run so it was just straight into work. L and I got all twenty activities posted into Fresh Grade for next week. I am starting to feel like I can handle FreshGrade, but One Drive is killing me. I need to find a manual for it! I was actually pretty impressed with myself as I watched the lunch webinar on Fresh Grade today and I knew everything g they said already. Woohoo🎉🎊


It was floors day today so I swept on my recess break and then vacuumed and washed my kitchen floor on my lunch break. I can’t believe how clean and tidy my house is from just ten minutes a day- it’s lovely!


I found baking powder so I got to make another loaf of my Hearty Beer Bread from the Allergy Free Cook Bakes Bread book. The crumb turned out beautifully, but the crust on the sides and bottom was super tough while the top crust was crumbly. If anyone knows what I’m doing wrong, please tell me. I have enough ginger ale left for one more loaf which may just happen this weekend.

I actually ate enough bread this morning that I didn’t need lunch so I didn’t eat again until I made a simple shrimp linguini for dinner. I had never made this before, but it was pretty yummy!

Wow as I write this I realize I’ve eaten nothing but carbs today😳


I’m still working on the body of this sweater. It has been made easier by listening to podcasts. So far I’m listening to Gin and Cake and Pastry Pals. I don’t love either but they are the two podcasts that cover the first American season of the Great British Baking Show so I have to stick with them. I think for season three I get a different podcast:)


I met up with three colleagues for a chat in the gorgeous sunshine today. We met in the parking lot across from my place as we actually had to do some trading of resources, but it was so great to see people and talk to them. one of the ladies brought me these beautiful tulips for Easter. Don’t worry we maintained our six feet of distance:)


This evening I did 32 minutes of yoga and some foam rolling. I decided to change my day off this week after yesterday’s disastrous run. We will see how tomorrow goes as to whether I need a second day off this week. I hope not as I’m finally getting some mileage in. I do however, need to find a listing of yoga poses as I’m just doing the ones I remember from years ago.

Well that’s it for me.

Have fun!