Another good day- boy I wonder how long I can keep this going??


I got out for a 9.39km fun in the neighborhood with Dennis. We even included a little bit of trail, though I learned I slow down massively on the trails. I felt like I was having to work really hard on the run even though I wasn’t going that fast, but I’m the end, I would call it a good run.

This evening I did a total body strength workout from BeFitDavis. I had to do squat with bicep curl to shoulder press, reverse lunge with bicep curl to row, side lunge with reach to single leg press, and a squat to diagonal front raise. I definitely felt some of those moves after four sets!!


It was a pretty good day. I only had to check work on all the different platforms, so that was nice:)


I did my usual teacher meetup from six feet away. It’s always so nice to have time with friends! I come home feeling rejuvenated and calmer. The only thing that will be better is when my mom shows up to hug me!

I did notice on the way home a sign that said the local lake was full. I sure hope people aren’t forgetting g the social distancing already or we might be in for some trouble!


I did some baking, but you’ll hear about that at the end of the month.


I got y laundry done and my house plants watered. I even got my bike oiled. I think the kickstand was pressing against the wheel. Hopefully I will get out tomorrow to test it out.


I had the chance to sit out on my deck and enjoy the sunshine as I was knitting. I’m glad I’m finally getting motivated with this sweater. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a sweater take this long before. I think I’m about 9 rows away from joining in the round:)


Not a great day, but thankfully I burned a lot of calories with my run. I was just thinking today that I feel like I’m on the road back to eating appropriate sized meals.

Mini kind bar, 3 honey stinger chews

Veggie soup, 2 slices corned beef deli meat (I really wish there was an ash way to get protein without the salt of deli meat!)

Homemade bread with cheese and avocado

1.75 baked good


I finished listening to The Semi Attached Couple by Emily Eden. I really enjoyed this book and liked that it ended happily for everyone:). I Lao really like the narrator, Elizabeth Klett. I’ll have to look on LibriVox and find another book she has read.

Well I’m going to curl up with a book:)

Have fun!


10 thoughts on “Happy Weekend!

  1. Homemade bread with avocado and cheese sounds so good! That might be my lunch tomorrow!

    The weather was so pretty today. We went for two walks around the neighborhood! The sunshine is a shot of joy juice!

    1. Yup I have one quarter of my avocado left and I will be having it for breakfast tomorrow. I remember thinking my dad was gross when he ate smashed avocado on toast, but that’s now my favourite treat

      1. Yes it has gotten warm here early and I keep thinking it’s too early for it, but I guess it is May

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