This is not really what I had planned for my day, but it still made for a nice day.


I woke up early this morning, of course🙄. I thought about going out to the dykes for a bike ride but realized it would be a better idea to stay close to home in case my bike wasn’t fixed. I did a quick tour to the park and back in a loop with no problems.

It was awesome later in the day when my friend Lyndsay texted to find out if I wanted to go for a bike ride with her and her son. We tried to go to the closest dyke but it was crazy busy so we went to the further one and it was quite lovely. We did about ten kilometers in the relatively quiet sunshine. I do wish I had bike shorts though. I’m going to need to order some!

I finished the night with a five minute booty burner workout from BeFitDavis. My butt already hurt so I only did one round of squats, hip raises, reverse lunges, single leg deadlifts and side lunges.

I will be lucky if I can move for my long run tomorrow!


Not a bad day, but not really a great day either. I’ve had:

Avocado on toast

Mandarin orange and almonds

Green salad and a cheeseburger patty

Coleslaw and a European wiener


I must finally be motivated as I have spent a lot of today knitting. I have joined, done all the decreases and now just knit in circles forever. Hopefully it will be done soon, though it has allowed me to catch up on my podcasts.

Have fun!


4 thoughts on “Bike, Eat, Knit, Repeat

  1. It was such a beautiful day, we went to the (less popular) park so we could walk in a place that wasn’t our block. What a breath of fresh air! I imagine that’s how you felt when you got to the less crowded dyke!

    1. It felt so good to be out cruising along in the sunshine! I much prefer not spending time with five million other people!

    1. I have been listening to yarniacs and not your mom’s romance Bookclub and Marathon Training Academy. I was listening to some about the Great British Baking Show but the hosts’ stupidity got to me. I love hearing about new ones if you have one you’ve been enjoying

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