I didn’t start out with this plan, but I mostly spent the day being kind to myself.


My running buddy texted early this morning to cancel my run. I considered getting up and going for a run by myself but instead rolled over and slept for another three hours. I’m not sure I’ve ever slept in that late!

I did go for a nice long walk, 7.5km after breakfast. I started out toward the park, but there were just too many people, so I looped around and walked down to my old house and back. It was a lovely day and I listened to a MTA podcast, but boy does walking take a long time!

This evening I did a yoga with Adrienne video on YouTube. I’m not sure I like her as much as the other one I did as she spent a lot of time talking, but I’m hoping that was just because it was the first class in a series.


I have been craving an oatmeal raisin cookie for a couple of weeks now so today I made myself one- well actually the recipe made two. I had those, a hamburger patty, veggies and hummus, and cheese on toast. Not great, but not too horrible. I’m dreaming of baking all the yummy things and thinking that if my mom gives me warning of when she is coming, I’ll make us a high tea. I was going to take her for one downtown, but it might be a long time still before that opens up.


After a lovely two hour nap, I spent an hour on Zoom with two of my closest friends. It was so great to see them! Even better to hear their voices and catch up. My friend downtown is pretty well just stuck inside because it’s so busy everywhere there:(. My other friend has a husband and two very young sons and says other than not seeing other family and friends, her life doesn’t seem that different. It made my day visiting with them.


I spent some time knitting in the cool shade of my bedroom and going in circles. I am doing stockinette in the round right now, so I mean circles literally. I’m hoping that maybe this sweater will be done this week:)

I ended the night with a Epsom salts bath and am going to crawl into bed with a book. A pretty nice day overall!

Have fun!


14 thoughts on “Kind To Myself

    1. Yup I don’t do enough self care but with no RMT available, I need to do it so that I can keep working towards my goals without getting hurt

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