How does Monday always arrive so quickly???


Sarah has cancelled our run today so I got myself out first thing this morning. It was a gorgeous day for a run, but even at 7:40 in the morning, it was already busy. I just did a loop to the mill and back.

This evening I did another BeFitDavis workout. It was a no excuses total body workout. I really liked this one as it felt like it hit everything. Four rounds of: bicep curls, single leg deadlift with a row, double pulse plié squats, front lunges with a twist, lateral raises, front raises, Russian twists and swings.

I really should look into a heavier kettlebell!


I checked all the work and was happy to see everyone seemed to do something. I then walked up to school to get some more supplies as we’ve just been informed we have to write report cards. 🙄. Can’t they just cite a pandemic as there is no way these reports are going to be authentic! On the way home from school i saw this and I ran into 8 kids. It was nice to see them all! It seems like parents are starting to let some play dates occur, but they were shocked to hear that school won’t be like it was before if we go back before September.


I have done another pattern repeat on my sweater. My goal is one pattern repeat each day as that is only fourteen rows! Hopefully o can maintain that!


I think I’ve had a good day. Chia seed pudding with pineapple, two hamburger patties, and there must be other stuff, but I can’t think of it right now. I’m not starving and not stuffed so we’ll call it a good day!


I’m reading Ayesha At Last right now and really liking it. So I’m going back to reading.

Have fun!


3 thoughts on “Monday again

  1. The parents should have to write the report cards this time!!! You are not on site. They are. Yes, indeed! It is the parent’s responsibility to let YOU know how the students performed.

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