Life was pretty typical here today.


I went out for my run this morning but really didn’t want to. I just can’t figure out my days off as this is the third run day in a row so my legs are getting tired! I am running with Dennis tomorrow so hopefully they are better then! I got five kilometers in, but it wasn’t pretty or fast. I don’t want to take every other day off, but I need fresh legs for Friday and Sunday for sure!

This evening I did another BeFitDavis workout. This was her upper body workout and had me doing pike pushups, row to tricep extension, circle raises and military press with a shoulder rotation. I think I’m definitely going to feel this tomorrow!


It was a pretty typical day of checking work, planning for next week and then having a boring staff meeting. Everyone was celebrating how great the report samples online were, but they sure didn’t seem great to me yesterday when I looked at them! I finished the day by checking more student work and creating my Microsoft Teams classroom. I guess I have to try this out at some time!


I have been knitting on the body of my sweater, when suddenly today I got the idea that I should go do the collar and the arm cuffs so that I could then use up all possible yarn for the length. I am almost done the neckline right now and plan to finish before I go to bed. Knitting during the staff meeting really helped in getting the sweater done and keeping me calm.


I finished a book last night called Ayesha at Last. It is a spin off of Pride and Prejudice set in a Muslim Canadian community. It was excellent! I really liked how there were enough similarities to P&P that you could tell who people were supposed to be and a couple of the best lines were included, but it was still different enough to hold my attention. The Muslim community seemed a great fit for this book.


I have been listening to an audio book from the library and I had gone to the kitchen when I realized that my book had stopped. My friend Cori was calling me and I had an awesome end to my night visiting with her:)


I’ve had another good day and hopefully it will be enough to give me a good weigh in number tomorrow! I’ve had:

Runner’s waffle


Kiwi and almonds

Hamburger patty with guacamole

European wiener

I’m sure there’s something else, but once again, my mind is blanking.

Well I have to get back and finish my last two rows of the neckline so that I will have a sweater to show you soon!

Have fun!


15 thoughts on “Talking Tuesday

      1. Oh that is one of my favourite types- raglan and quite simple- can wear it anywhere:). You’re a very nice sister! I stick with afghans for other people

      2. She will need to send you very precise measurements, but you are doing a basic sweater that will be okay if it oversized so you should be okay.

  1. I just saw Bethany posted an upper body band workout that I want to try! Maybe tomorrow since it’s supposed to thunderstorm so we’ll see if a run happens.

    It’s always so confusing when you’re listening to something and then it randomly stops until you realize someone is calling ha. A nice surprise to end your night!

    1. I saved that workout, but it will be a while as I’m doing them in order from oldest to newest.
      Yup talking to friends is my highlight right now

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