It would be nice if this state of emergency could be lifted so I had more interesting things to share with you. Ha who am I kidding🤣🤪


I reviewed work, finished assembling the activities for next week and then had my first two video conferences with kids. The first one was great. It was nice to see H and make sure he was okay. I also got after him to do some work!🤣. The second one was with my autistic child who is low functioning. I saw exactly why the vulnerable team had him come into the school for work- he was all over the place! It almost made me feel sick to my stomach he moved so much. It was still nice to see him though!

I finished the afternoon off by planning report cards with my co teacher. I think we have a pretty good idea of what we need to do so that we can have these reports ready in 24 days.

There was of course drama over the teaching assignments, but I’m trying not to worry as I know my principal likes to throw her weight around and make big changes but it usually all changes in September anyways. Especially this year! Who knows what’s going to happen!

We also had one of our teachers announce his retirement today. He will be sorely missed as he’s a great guy and a great teacher who gives a lot to the school!


Today it was just yoga day. I was going to do a Yoga with Adrienne video, but decided to just run through my list of poses instead. I hope one day that I will actually feel flexible. I used to be super flexible, but that was before I started running.


Oh I am so close and I really want to wear it tomorrow!! I may be knitting a lot tomorrow!


A good day with lots of veggies. I’ve had:

1/2 apple with Pb

Celery with cream cheese and hummus

Carrot with guacamole

Haddock bites

Baked potato with sour cream and salsa mixed

Well there’s my life.

Have fun!


13 thoughts on “Happy Friday Eve

  1. That stinks a teacher announced his retirement during this craziness! Hopefully he can be properly celebrated once the craziness has passed.

    I’ve never been flexible but it does seem like running has made me less flexible even though I stretch. To me, it seems like running just uses different muscles so it makes other ones tight more easily.

    1. Yes it is going to be a challenge to have an end of year celebration but hopefully we can think up something, maybe outside.
      Yup my hamstrings have just gotten tighter and tighter

      1. I’m sure you will all come up with something creative to celebrate!
        Use a tennis ball to roll them out! I saw a PT recommend that. So you’ll sit with a tennis ball under your hamstring on a coffee table or chair and move it that way to help with the muscle tightness/soreness

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