Why does everyday bring questions and no answers???


I met up with Dennis and we did a rerun of a run we tried to do a couple of weeks ago but abandoned because it was too busy. Today was much better, especially after my legs loosened up at 4km. I dropped about 30 seconds per kilometer after that. I am finding that my runs are way harder lately and I’m not as fast. I’ve been reading and it seems like this might be a side effect of trying to lose weight. Hopefully it won’t last forever and I can go back to being faster.

This evening I tried to do a workout, but only managed seven minutes when I realized I just wasn’t into it tonight. I’ll try to make up for it on Sunday.


It was a quieter day as all I had to do was check work on the three different platforms. It’s a good thing because I came home from my run to a power outage.

I listened to the premier speak and though he said we would be going back to school on June 1st, there were still no details of how this is going to work. For the month of June it is voluntary whether kids come to school which means I have to teach online and in class. I’m really not sure how this is going to work:(. All I know so far is that I don’t think anyone who works with six year olds is making the decisions!😖🙄


I probably shouldn’t be allowed out of the house alone with my Visa card. Lately I’ve been finding that I need more water as my runs get warmer and longer. My hydration pack is about fifteen years old and doesn’t owe me anything. I was looking for a cheap pack online, but ended up buying a new one at my local running store. I really do prefer to support local when I can.

My new, very purple Nathan hydration pack. I’m going to look interesting when I wear red!


I finally finished one of my current books. I had been listening to Born To Run by Christopher MacDougall. It was a super interesting book that took a lot of different elements and connected them through the story of a race. It was great, though I think it would be better to listen to it than read it.


I had my usual Friday teacher meet up in a local park. It was definitely busier than it has been in the past. It was nice to catch up and our friend Cori joined us today too. It’s nice to not feel alone in this craziness!


I finally finished my newest sweater tonight. It is the Seraphina sweater by Irina Anikeeva, available on Ravelry. The shoulders are the most complicated part of the sweater and after that it is good social knitting. The yarn I used was a new to me yarn called Gathering Yarn: The Harvest is Here. I like the colour of the yarn, but found it to be quite splitty.

Well that’s the end of my purple day!

Have fun!


20 thoughts on “Purple Day

  1. Wow sweater looks good.
    You check work across 3 platforms? Yikes that is too much work. My niece has started online schooling, no idea how it works.. But sis is doing more of the projects 😂😂. With lockdown, she is running out of paper and crayons

      1. In this instance it was multi-tasking, but social knitting is a very good description. I could never do it, but I’ve seen talented knitters talk to others or attend a meeting while their fingers are flying. I find that absolutely amazing.

        I don’t consider myself good at multi-tasking, but I can do something others might find difficult. I can read four lines of music, sing one of them with attention to diction, and motion entrances to different sections of the choir while directing. It’s easy if you are used to it.

      2. Woah now that sounds like talent!! I can listen, talk and knit but have absolutely no skills when it comes to music. My nephew asked me to stop singing to him when he was two- turns out he’s musical

  2. Your school reopening sounds as vague as mine. I listened to the governor this morning and while there was talk about businesses and even professional sports, he said nothing…NOTHING about schools. NOTHING. Our school year could end in less than a month and we don’t even have a plan.
    I would rather focus on your sweater. It is so pretty.

    1. We got told we’re back on June 1st part time but absolutely no details on how this is going to work🙄
      Thank you- I’m happy with the sweater:)

  3. In the UK, English schools are supposedly reopening in June with the young classes. I don’t understand who is making these decisions. They obviously have no experience of working with children. Thankfully I am living in Wales and we are only just reaching our “peak” if the news is to be believed. No talk of returning to school from here. So much good luck to you!!

    1. Yup they’ve obviously never spent any time with six year olds. I hope your situation starts improving soon!

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