It was a nice bonus day:)


I didn’t crawl out of bed early and actually woke up naturally. I always try to run my fastest when I go out and have been disappointed lately that I haven’t been going fast. I decided to try out this “easy run” thing where you go slow. I went out with the intention of running slow and most of the time, I did. I enjoyed my run! It was a beautiful morning and I wasn’t trying to push myself to go faster and just loped along. I’ll have to try to do this on the two runs I do alone or with Sarah each week.

I also did a short workout this evening. It was another BeFitDavis, though not the one I was supposed to do. I was feeling tired and the idea of 120 burpees was just too much so I did one that had four sets of: 25 squats, 15 deadlifts, 15 chest press, 15 pullovers and I added 15 sit-ups. I did each move with 10 pounds in each hand and did a minute of jogging between each set. Not super long, but better than nothing.


I finished up the second set of baby booties today. They are meant to be cleats as mom is a rugby player.

Sorry it’s really tough to get a good photo of them:(. I did bobbles on the bottom, following a cleat pattern I found online. I was planning to do the Adidas stripes, but found the Nike swish to be easier to do. I used a basic running shoe bootie pattern and then made up the rest.

I hadn’t been able to figure out how to block these as I don’t want black showing from the top but didn’t want to squish the bobbles. I ended up calling my mom who, of course, had a great idea. I have wrapped cardboard in plastic wrap and inserted them inside.

I wanted to finish all three pairs of booties this weekend, but I’m just too tired now.


Lyndsay called me mid- afternoon and I went for a walk with her nd Brady. We just did 3.5km up in Burke mountain which is a new area for me. It was super nice and I’d like to go back there.

Though does anyone else experience traffic jams getting to trails? We ended up having to park 3/4 of a kilometer away from the trail. We had tried a local park first but there was not a parking spot anywhere!


I grocery shopped this morning after my run so there were just too many yummy things in my house and I’ve eaten too much today:(

Well I’m going to find myself a new book to read, or maybe I’ll just close my eyes.

Have fun!


12 thoughts on “If All Else Fails, Call Mom

    1. Oh I’m glad you think they look like cleats. I had to make stuff up so wasn’t sure.
      Ok so it’s not just a west coast thing then

  1. With Girl #2 home, Max is inspired to walk so we have him on an exercise program! I’m hoping that by the time she leaves he will be in the groove again and enjoying the walks. Last night we actually managed the loop of 1.8 miles, though I can’t say that I’m getting that much exercise out of it!😆

    1. Lol the things we do for others. You are still getting miles on your legs though so that’s good and maybe he’ll speed up as you do it more:)

      1. Hopefully, right now he is too fat, so he is huffing and puffing! I’m hoping that he’ll lose a pound or two. I cut his rations and no more treats!

      2. Lol it’s so much easier to do that for someone else! I need someone to come do that for me! It’s great your daughter is visiting!

    1. Thank you! I’m happy with the two so far. A little nervous about the third as once agin I’m trying to combine two patterns so iso t have to buy a pattern and combining crochet and knitting

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