It was quite the day!


It was my first time spending the day at school today. We had to go in for one day this week and two days next week.

I coordinated with my teaching buddy so we both went today and actually a third friend was there too. I had also picked today so that I could use their WiFi on the day I do the most internet stuff.

I felt behind right from the start as I had to first put my room back together and find my internet cord and hook up the computer and find a chair to sit on and unearth my desk. I’m really trying not to do too much as it’s only about 18 days and then I’ll have to pack my room up for summer cleaning. The custodian was very proud of his cleaning, but unfortunately, all I saw was the work he caused me as I now have to do a bunch of things to my room:(

I did finally set up a place to work and I decided to start in creating the activities for next week. I always have to tether my computer for this at home so it eats more data than checking their work. It seriously took me until lunchtime.

After lunch I talked to two girls in my class via Teams and then spent the last thirty five minutes starting to check work.

It was just a tough day as it really doesn’t seem like this is the right thing to do. A message from our superintendent finally came out midday today. It said that students would be attending two full days a week and Wednesday would just be online, (though we could possibly also have kids of emergency workers in our class on this day) but there is still no plan for how this is going to work. We asked about recess, lunch, preps, division of students- they have zero plans so far:(. And they’re asking parents to decide if they’re sending their children before they have a plan.

I realize we have been very lucky in that we have relatively few cases compared to everywhere else, but we also have been taking measures to ensure this and now we’re going to open it up to the risk of a spike for eight days of school for children. I just don’t get it. Well actually I do, some parents need a break from their children. They keep saying its to restart the economy but children going to school for two days isn’t going to allow many parents to go back to work.

We feel like they are using convenient truths. Every playground has been cordoned off for the past two months and yet conveniently now- kids don’t get this. We’ve been told that the virus lives on surfaces, but oh now, students can come in and read your books. We’re being told that safety measures, including social distancing is the number one concern, and yet they’re saying I can have eleven kids in my room at a time. I checked today and that makes for less than a meter between students. All I can do is shake my head☹️😖

Okay sorry about the rant.


I finally picked up my yarn to start the roller skates but haven’t had much success yet. If anyone has a good pattern for wheels for crochet or knit, please let me know.


It was a pretty good day since I didn’t have access to extra food for most of it. I’ve had:

Rice cake with Pb & j and cheese, watermelon slices, seafood marinara, baked potato with sour cream alternative, and three tbsp of vegan cream cheese icing. I realized this is my favourite part of the cinnamon roll mug cake so figured I’d save the calories and just have it. It wasn’t that great on its own though:(

I think that’s my whole day.

Have fun!


37 thoughts on “Feelings

    1. My mom just got an earful on the phone. It’s like they’ve never even considered asking a teacher if this is actually feasible:(

      1. Thank you and yup my girlfriends are always ranting to their husbands but I have to save it all up until I talk to my mom

      2. I don’t rant to my husband because he needs to download when he gets home and his issues are waaaay bigger than mine. I pray, knit and meditate it away. Although, last night, I drank a bottle of wine. lol

      3. You’re obviously a very good wife! I think everyone has more alcohol in their life right bow

  1. So much conflicting information out there, AJ. It’s so frustrating, isn’t it? I had to have a CT scan last week. They seemed to be taking pretty good precautions until I was brought to another waiting room and there were magazines on the tables for people to read. 🤦🏽‍♀️

    1. Lol it’s the little things that people forget about. We were giggling yesterday as some of the staff was having trouble walking by each other and we’re thinking “and they think they’re ready to have 110 kids at a time in the building”???

  2. I agree, that’s a lot of chaos for just eight days of school. And truth is, the economy isn’t going to restart, because while the pandemic was a factor, the real problem is the central banks creating money out of thin air, when ever they please. 🙄 At least you will get to see your kids again before the end of the year.

      1. Oh phew. I have actually done them already, but couldn’t remember if we said third or last saturday

      2. I thought you might have done them already based upon something you had said a while back!! Thankfully we said the last because I hadn’t done mine yet! I made the dough this morning and will be doing the rest later today after it’s chilled!

      3. Ya I’ve been trying to bake only when I have somewhere to take it🤣. Can’t wait to hear how yours turns out!

      4. Lol I so want to bake all the time, but I’m trying really hard to use this time with less eating out to get back to where I like to be!

      1. Lol that is crazy! I heard today that big events in September and October are starting to be canceled now

      2. Oh, no!!! My assistant teacher did a webinar yesterday about what schools can expect in September. She said it was eye opening. Sad!

  3. I sure don’t get it either – this is humming along, so why risk issues for eight lousy days of school. In Denmark they schooled children in the open air to avoid contamination. Here they are toying with ideas for the Fall, including having some students in one classroom and other students in another classroom but the teacher on a video monitor (so then teach from home then). No more eating in a cafeteria, strictly eating lunch at your desk … that makes sense, we did that when youngsters but hopefully the food is not perishable and everyone has their brown bag lunches co-mingled in the fridge. PB&J sandwiches, fruit, snack, cookies and juice box … so no fridge, and the kids will be bouncing off the walls then!

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