It seems like every day I just hear more stupid stuff so I’ll be under my covers until further notice!


I got in 5.08 kilometers this morning, slow and steady, during a downpour. I managed to run really slow today, and hopefully it helps me tomorrow.

This evening I did a quick workout. It was another BeFitDavis but I only did three sets instead of five. It was:

20 pushups, 30 squats, 15 hammer curl to military press, 1 minute plank, and 25 walking lunges with bicep curls.

My heart just wasn’t in it tonight:(


I got all the emails answered and all the work assessed. I then had a staff meeting. Ugh:(😖☹️😩

So the playground is closed and will remain closed, we are allowed to have kids run sprints across the field or go for a single file nature walk. How is a six year old supposed to spend all day at school this way? And if that’s not bad enough, Lunch will be shortened! We will get no preps except for Wednesday. Of course Wednesday is the day we’re doing remote teaching, but that isn’t really work and only takes an hour right? I am so angry I could scream. Oh and you may have kids five days a week if your class has emergency responder’s children or you could end up with kids of all grades if someone else has too many. If I hear I have to be flexible one more time, I’m going to get physical!!!


I made Rhubarb dream bars from the website, Noshing With the Nolands. They were super easy and so good and I was so upset that I ate two:(. I’ll be taking them to my teacher gathering tomorrow night.


I finally started a roller skate boot, but have to admit I’m not very motivated tonight. I want to have them done by Tuesday though!

I have mostly been reading and playing Go Scrabble. Now I’m going to crawl into bed with my book.

I’m very sorry that you got a rant two days in a row:(

Have fun!


27 thoughts on “I’m going to hide

  1. I get that schools are in a really tough spot right now but why don’t they just do remote learning until the end of the year? That’s what every school in the states in doing based on what I’ve heard from people seen in the news. Seems easier than trying to have a bunch of young kids around their friends all day.

    1. Exactly! I have no problem working but I don’t think school is going to be set up for the success of six year olds and they are expecting me to do two full time jobs at the same time- I won’t be able to give my students what they need in either place:(😖

      1. It’s definitely hard since there’s no clear answer with everything right now. I hope it gets easier for you!

  2. Ugh your school system makes me so angry! So close to the end of the school year, it seems unnecessarily reckless. I understand needing to support parents but it’s just so tough. Hoping that the summer break can allow some time for leadership to reflect and try and do the right thing, whatever that looks like, come fall.

    1. Thanks.
      Yup we have to teach in class whatever kids want to come back- half on Monday/Tuesday and half Thursday/Friday and then Wednesday we have to teach online for those who don’t wish to come back. The kids who come back will get 8 days of school out of this

  3. It is more than ok !! AJ things are rough and we are all having some DAYS. Thank you for listening to my rants! Fireman and I will not be at the barn much if at all this summer. It is a big loss for me and somewhat for him. They are offering masks and hand sanitizer, but no distancing is possible for side walkers and leaders. Trying to be flexible

    1. I definitely have days. Today I was a little calmer about it, but I’m sure I’ll have more feelings before the end of this!
      I’m so sorry you can’t go to the barn! I know how much you love your time there, but I suppose it is always better to be safe:)

  4. As someone who is following the schools reopening (in the UK) closely, I thank you for being honest with your blogs about how you feel. It gives me hope, as a vulnerable person, that teachers everywhere might be sharing your sentiments about keeping children safe. Keep safe. x

    1. I hope most of us are. I have no problem with going back into the classroom, but not into a situation where my little ones can’t be successful

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