Sorry I thought I had posted last night, but I have to admit I was really tired!


I got up early yesterday so Dennis and I could do a ten k along the Central Valley greenway. This is an urban trail in the city next to mine to the west. It is definitely not a run I would do alone and we both agreed that there are a lot of bikes on it. Fair enough it is meant to be a bike route.

The nearest thing was being able to compare yesterday to when we did the exact same run in February. I was about a minute faster this time😀

Right before I crawled into bed last night I did a quick seventeen minutes of cardio as I try to keep my runs and workouts even. I just randomly picked moves and did them 100 times- squats, plié squats, high knees, front kicks, roundhouse kicks, rear leg raise, calf raises, jabs, hooks, and crosses.


I managed to get through all the work including the RAZ kids and Prodigy. I have one little guy who has gone through four levels of books! I am so proud of him!!

The best moment came at the end of the night when I got an email from one of the parents in my class. Their son has been diagnosed with ADHD in kindergarten. For comparison, most kids don’t get assessed and diagnosed until grade four, so that tells you how extreme he is. He has been one of my biggest concerns with going back to school, but they’ve realized it wouldn’t be best for him and are keeping him home!!🎊🎉. I am so glad!! I just couldn’t imagine him trying to sit there all day!


One bootie (not wheels or sole) done and onto the second:). Finally progress! I want these things done for Tuesday so this may be my top priority today.


Only three teachers could gather today so two of them brought their husbands who are friends and we had a garden party. It was an awesome afternoon as the two ladies are the two in the group I have been friends with the longest.

The rhubarb dream bars were a hit so I suggest checking them out if you have rhubarb in your garden.


I decided at the last minute that I had better take a second thing in case there was nothing else I could eat. I didn’t have a lot in the house, but threw a large spoonful of mayo, sour cream and cream cheese into a bowl, added a can of shrimp, and a quarter tsp of garlic powder, salt and pepper and mixed it all together. I put a dollop of seafood cocktail on top in the centre and some chives from my garden and I got compliments! Another easy, quick recipe if you need one.

I collapsed at the end of the day as it was a really long day, but now I’m back for more!

Have fun!


14 thoughts on “A Glimmer

    1. Yes I am happy that the parents really considered their child as I’m sure he’s not easy to have at home all day either

      1. I will still provide work for him and it might be less of a fight for them than trying to get him to school when he finds out it’s just sitting

    1. Friday was much better, thank goodness!!! I’m not used to feeling so horrible and not sure I could take another day of that anger!
      Yup I’m going through these miles and hoping to hit a new state a little quicker than expected:)

      1. I guess it could be compared to that, but I really don’t think there’s a taste the same in any other fruit.

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