It was a nice day!


I got up later than normal, but didn’t let myself do anything until I had done the yoga I had planned today. Normally I do my bike ride first and yoga later, but today it got switched. It felt good to know I had done something kind for my muscles.

This afternoon I went on a 9km bike ride with my teaching buddy. I like biking with her because she doesn’t expect me to be amazing at it and she’s very patient. We actually went from her place to a rec centre the town over. I had to deal with a ton of people on the trail but managed to not run anyone down or fall off. I also managed to ride on a bike route road. It was an amazing ride and I’d like to do it again, but go even further. Maybe next weekend.


Getting the roller skate booties done is a big priority for me this weekend. Today I got both booties made and the two soles made. I tried out a wheel, but my mom and I both think they’re too big so that will be tomorrow’s job- figuring out and completing the wheels for both booties and then assembling them.


After eating so much yesterday, I really haven’t been hungry today. I’ve had an omelette, chicken breast, and the last of my cod filets.


I’m reading a book and am almost done so I think I’ll go back to it.

Have fun!


11 thoughts on “Fun But Re-Ordered

      1. I definitely have days when I just can’t get enough food, but I feel for you feeling that way all the time!

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