It seems to come so much quicker than the weekend does!

I started the day with my grocery shopping after sleeping in. I slept for eleven hours last night! Unfortunately I got to the grocery store just in time to see the Freybe guy drive away:(


I checked work but I have to admit that there wasn’t a ton there so I spent time finding resources for the coming weeks. I figure that time might be in short supply once I’m doing online and in a classroom.


I met up with Sarah for a run. I thought we were running the track because her foot has been sore and she wanted to test it out, but she said she wanted to do the trail so we did. It was horribly wet in there so it was slow as I had worn street shoes, not trail shoes. The best part was definitely flying down the hill to home. I made a 5:28/km coming down which is 9 seconds off my previous best:)

I made myself do a BeFitDavis workout right afterwards. It was three sets of 15 pushups, 25 weighted squats, 15 reverse lunges, 10 burpees, 1 minute plank, 15 tricep dips and 30 weighted sit ups. I definitely felt like I did something!


I forgot to tell you all about the last book I finished. It was Until You’re Mine by Cindi Madsen. I wish I had read this before the other book in the series, but it was still good. I really loved the banter at the start but I always feel let down in that department when they get together and the banter goes away. This book was still enjoyable though.


I was good all day so I got to watch Fashionably Yours tonight. It’s the typical Hallmark movie, but I quite enjoyed it:)


I did no knitting today as my hand was sore, but did package these up for their recipient.

Now I have to decide what I’m going to knit next. Not baby booties!

Well I’m off to bed as I actually have to go into school tomorrow and be there on time!

Have fun!


8 thoughts on “Monday Again?

  1. We are waiting to hear when our friend can officially retire from teaching. He has spent his career at Milwaukee Public Schools. His planned retirement date was in June. Dont know how COVID details might change things…..
    We want him to be able to be done !

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