My mom is in town and I didn’t even get to see her today:( A waste of a day!


I met up with Dennis this morning, but neither of us was feeling a run. Thankfully there were two of us so we went anyways. It was almost exactly three kilometers before my legs eased up. The last kilometer downhill was my favourite!

That was unfortunately my only exercise today:(


I spent all five hours checking work today! It was insane how much I had to check after not being able to check for three days.


While my cousin was here replacing my leaky faucet I finally started another knitting project. I had a single ball of yarn hanging around and while my mom thought I should put it with something else to make a bigger project, I decided I really just wanted a toque out of it. I am trying out Joji Locatelli’s A Little Lonely Cable, a free pattern on Ravelry.

Toe up socks will be next I think:)


I needed cheering up after not seeing my mom so I watched another Hallmark movie tonight. Nature of Love was very cute!

Have fun!


25 thoughts on “A Wasted Day

    1. I love my mom and can’t wait to see her. She is an amazing woman!
      Toe up socks is where you start knitting at the toes so you can just knit the leg until you run out of yarn. Your idea is more fun though!

      1. I wrote that I wanted to meet your mom, but I’d want you there, too. It would be fantastic to meet you in person.

        Thanks for the rational explanation of toe up socks. Just think, if you had enough yarn, you could knit socks for hip boots!

      2. It would be neat to meet some of you bloggers in person!!!
        Yup I have definitely thought about knitting thigh high socks when I’m cold in the winter!

  1. You and your mom have such a good relationship:) I hope you’ll be able to spend time together soon.
    I think a hat is an excellent use of a single skein! Your head will appreciate it in the fall:)

    1. Yup, we are definitely close and this may be the longest we have gone in several years without seeing each other!
      I’m excited about my toque as I want one in every colour for winter:)

  2. I’m sorry you didn’t get to see your mom. I hope you can see her soon!!

    I had a run similar to you earlier this week where I just couldn’t loosen up until I was basically done with the run.

    1. I’m seeing her today!!! So happy.
      I knew I had run too fast the day before, but it really does make for a miserable run!

      1. Yes my legs eased up, but they were still tired. Thankfully I have two full days to recover now

  3. Next time your mom is in town! I am finally doing only what I want today, that is after I get the June schedule out. Still haven’t heard a peep from way too many families…ugh!

    1. My mom is still here for the weekend so I’m going to glue myself to her and enjoy every minute I can!
      Ugh we have the same problem with parents. It’s like deadlines don’t apply to them and it makes it so difficult to plan. I hope you hear from them soon and ENJOY YOUR DAY!!

      1. Today I made good progress; my lesson count increased from 80 to 170, but still about 15 families to go. Soon! Enjoy your mom this weekend!

      2. Lol that is always a good thing! I have been so thankful to have kept my paycheck as I can’t imagine the stress of the pandemic and no job at the same time!

      3. Me either, I have been so thankful to only lose 2 kids to bad internet. Summer is always a bit dicey, but last year I managed the mortgage, and this year the goal is that, plus base utilities.

      4. Fingers crossed you make that mortgage and the utilities! I will definitely be trying to be thrifty this summer!

  4. You crave your mom so, AJ. I wish my daughter craved me. Really, I am just so happy for your mom and you that you want to see one another . I certainly want to see my AL. She is busy I know. And I know that when I was her age, I didn’t need to see my mom every day or week. But my mom missed her girls. My father reminded us all the time. Covid has made it all worse. You’d thinking knowing you CANT would make it better, but somehow no

    1. Yup my mom is an important part of my life. No not being able to see your mom doesn’t make it better, but when you see Al it will be all the better!

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