This year I am determined and it at least sits on my coffee table now. This is where I was at three weeks ago.

And this is where I am now:

I hope you can see the change in the curtain this time. I have made myself sit and do an hour of stitching each day after I finish my work day. I do find the curtain tough because the colours are so similar to the colour of the Aida cloth! It makes it very difficult to find the holes!

Be sure to check out everyone else’s progress! Welcome back to Helen who is returning g to the SAL. There are some amazing projects! If you’re interested in joining, just click on Avis’ link. HelenJennyAvisClaireGunCaroleSueConstanzeChristinaKathyMargaretCindyHeidiJackieSunnyHayleyMeganDeborah Mary MargaretRenéeCarmelaJocelynSharonDaisyAnneCathieLauraSherrie

My weekend:

I had an awesome weekend with my mom. I glued myself to her side for the weekend, well except for my 10.75km run in the rain this morning with Dennis.

We didn’t do anything super exciting as we’re both still not going around in public a lot. We watched several Hallmark movies and did a puzzle. The puzzle was a lot more difficult than we were expecting! A very low key weekend, but it was awesome to have company!

Have fun!


16 thoughts on “SAL Update

  1. Excellent progress on the curtain this time! The reward of more color is coming soon.🙂 You got nearly 11 km yesterday, I can’t wait to see your mileage for May!

    1. Yes I am hoping to get to do something that isn’t beige soon!!
      I am too! I will hopefully get that post up tonight:)

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