It was back to working with children inside the classroom today.


I started the day with four children. It was a lot of handwashing and reminding kids to keep apart. I wish there had been some sort of announcement from our admin, but there was nothing except telling us to go get our kids after lunch (like I wasn’t going to🙄). I ended the day with two kids. The best part of the day was how excited they were to design their islands. I am thinking that each week they will get a chance to design something different. I think next week they may all be in castles.

I just really don’t like this feeling of anger that I have continuously when I think of work right now!


I was freezing cold all day so I definitely over dressed for my run. I ran around Bert Flynn with my friend Sarah. I have become much more accepting of the slow pace now that I think about the fact that going slow today will hopefully allow me to go faster tomorrow with Dennis!

I had a lot of fun flying down the hill to home afterwards. I wasn’t as fast as last week, but it definitely brought my average pace down for the run.

I should be doing a workout tonight as my runs and workouts aren’t even right now, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

May Running:

I ran a total of 21 times in May for a total of 152. 79km. I think that is the most running distance I have ever done in a month. I know last year I found it difficult to get to 100km per month, but this year I seem to be having no trouble surpassing that. I also worked out on 20 days, did 4 yoga sessions and rode my bike 5 times for a total of 34km. Hopefully the bike riding mileage will improve greatly.

So at the start of the year I was having a very difficult time motivating myself to get out the door for runs as I had no goal. I had done a pace goal two years ago and had done a mileage goal last year and just really didn’t know what to do this year. That’s when the amazing and wonderful Kathy of Sewing,etc on WordPress (Sorry Kathy I don’t know how to do a link on this new wordpress program yet) offered an awesome suggestion. She suggested that I virtually run to visit her. Now Kathy always offers so many interesting suggestions and I would dearly love to see her garden, bunnies and all her sewing and knitting projects, so this seemed a great idea. I immediately set off for Rapid City.

So far I have ran 566km and have just passed through the town of Ritzville, Washington. Ritzville is a small town in Adams County and boasts just 1,679 residents as of the last census. The town is named after Phillip Ritz who settled in the area in 1878. In the beginning it was a major wheat shipping hub and became the biggest wheat hub in the world in 1901The town burned in 1888, but was quickly rebuilt. The town has not grown much since the 1960s when the new interstate took traffic away from the downtown. The small town remains 85km southeast of Spokane.

I of course, being a history major and a history nerd had to see the Nelson H Greene house at 502 South Adams Street. This house was built in 1902 by the town’s first mayor. It is a Queen Anne Revival style and is part of the National Register of Historic Places.

I am now 5km past Ritzville and going strong towards Spokane!

Well, that’s it for me tonight.

Have fun!


15 thoughts on “A Return & Run To Rapid City Update #3

  1. I know how you feel when you speak of anger toward work. I have to really try to work through some strong emotions too.
    I love that Victorian house. You’ll be at Kathy’s before you know it.

    1. Yup and I’m trying my best to get through it and not let it come out with the kids! Just feel like I’m being taken advantage of:(
      Yes I made it a little further than I was expecting this month:)

  2. Hang in there at work, when the strange and unknown part has settled, your heart will too, even though things are still difficult. 🙂 You are going to be in Idaho by the end of June! 150 km is a huge increase!

    1. Yes I seem to have magically been able to increase how much I run each month. I really don’t know how that happened. I still think it might be June next year though🤣

  3. So, you’re back to school? Wow! How many weeks? It must be really hard. Do teachers and children have to wear face masks? When we reopen, can you imagine preschoolers wearing a face mask? I hope it doesn’t come to that, but we were one of the hardest hit states. Love the Nelson Greene house!

    1. No some of the teachers wear masks but none of the classroom teachers do and none of the kids do. We just have to do our best to keep them six feet apart from each other

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