It was fine at work, but the best part was definitely after work!


I had five students today and then after lunch it went down to four. I found out none of them had been doing the writer’s workshop assignments online so instead of writing a story, we ended up just having the students plan a story. So glad I put so much work into online assignments that nobody does:(

We got through a math drill and a colouring activity on money.

The highlight of work was probably teaching the children how to upload their own work onto the platform. I think they really liked doing it as they were quick to put each item they finished online.

This afternoon we put a Magic School Bus movie on in order to get some of the online work done. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to use a school laptop so my computer was used for the movie so I couldn’t do any online assignments and then the photocopier was in use as well, so I really didn’t accomplish a thing:(


I really didn’t want to run tonight! I had already sat down on the couch and really wanted to stay there! It turned out to be amazing!

My thighs were hurting at the start, but I actually managed to make a 5km PB. I am now only seventeen seconds off of my goal time for the 5km.

Definitely worth going out! I don’t know how I’m getting faster, but I’ll take it. It must be magic🤣

I did a quick BeFitDavis workout. I had to do ten burpees every minute on the minute and any time in between I had to do weighted squats. Amazingly, I didn’t get much time for weighted squats and 50 burpees in a row wasn’t fun, but at least it was something!


It’s easy to eat healthy when I preplan the food and don’t have access to anything else. I’ve had my rice cake with Pb & j, a mini kind bar, veggies and dip, another mini kind bar and some raisins before my run, and a chicken Caesar salad.


I watched the Hallmark movie, You’re Bacon Me Crazy and it was super cute. It did make me hungry though!

Well that’s it for me.

Have fun!


9 thoughts on “It’s Magic!

  1. It has to be frustrating to put the effort in for lesson plans and realize the students didn’t utilize them. This is going to be a process. Keep at it and your hard work will pay off.

    1. Yup I always remember that the more they do, the more they learn.
      I love that I’m getting faster- just don’t know how it’s happening!

  2. Sounds like baby steps with getting them to do their assignments! Unfortunately, the quarantine situation happened so fast in most places that there wasn’t time to get everyone ready for how things were going to work. Hopefully now they will be a bit more on top of it 🙂

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