My eye has been bugging me all day:(


I got out for a fourteen kilometer bike ride, but it was cut short when it started raining as I had no waterproof clothes on!


The rest of Saturday was spent working with two teaching buddies on report cards. 22 reports cards later I was done. Hmmm maybe that explains the sore eye! Not a very interesting day:(



It was the first time in months that the Sunday group got together. It curtailed our run to 6km, but it was nice to see everyone!

The magic happened again and I dipped under 6min km again for a kilometer. Hopefully this will appear more often:)

This evening I did another BeFitDavis workout. I did a minute of jogging between the four sets of pushups, squats, tricep dips, deadlifts, leg raises, v ups and a minute plank.


I got suckered into trying an instagram recipe that looked so easy. It wasn’t easy and just turned out okay and now I have to eat it for the next two days breakfasts:(


I tried to start my toe up socks, but I’m having difficulty getting them both casted onto a single circular needle:(


I finally finished the book Roomies by Christina Lauren. I have heard tons about it, but I have to admit it wasn’t my favourite. I found it lagged and was very angsty-two of my least favourite things in books.

I think I’m off to bed to rest my eye and I’ll get going on reports tomorrow again. Mom- they’re coming your way tomorrow! Muhahaha

Have fun!


12 thoughts on “The Eye Got Me

  1. Quite a weekend for you! Glad the. Report cards are drafted and off to your mom, that means you’ll be done sooner than later! Great group run too. 🙂

  2. I was interested in hearing how you made out with the report cards. Good luck with the socks. I hope you don’t have to redo the toes as many times as I did. Waiting with bated breath.

  3. I’m sorry about the sore eye. I hope that’s worked its way out.
    I’ll have to look up what’s a toe up sock. 🤔
    Thanks for telling me about that book. I heard so many good things about The Great Alone, but I couldn’t really get into it so I stopped reading it. At times recommendations don’t work out for me.
    I’m sorry about the mediocre dish you made. Funny you should mention that. Yesterday I made a chicken chili that was recommended by a sewer’s newsletter I receive and OMG!! That chili was absolutely DELICIOUS!! My husband couldn’t stop raving about it. I’m happy when it works out. 😊

    Have a great day AJ.

    1. Oh that’s the best when the dish turns out amazing! I’m making banana bread today and hopefully that will turn out better!

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