Sorry I got home too late last night to write!


I had five kids in the morning and four in the afternoon. We got through writer’s workshop where we practiced describing on our writing by writing a description of our castles. Two of the kids did so amazing!!!! It is neat that I’m there to give more help as one little guy who usually doesn’t get much done, got an entire page written as I was there to help with sounding out.

We did some work on tally graphs which was also fun with the small group as they all got to come up and ask a question of the group and make their own tally graph.

Finally we had silent reading and watched a magic school bus video. I also showed them a Dr. Binoc video off of YouTube which I thought they would love, but they didn’t. Sometimes they really surprise me.


After copying and pasting my report cards into MyEd I rushed home to change for my run and then headed out the door. I got to decide the time so Dennis got to decide the route. We ran out Guildford which is a main road that has lights on it. Keep this in mind as I tell you I made a 5km PR!! I cut another minute and seventeen seconds off of my 5km time, though my watch automatically stops when I do at the lights, so I got breaks. I’ll still take it as I didn’t think that would ever happen!!


After a quick shower it was out to trivia. It was the first time since February and I was a little nervous as I didn’t know what it would be like. It was actually quite nice as it was quiet and easier to hear the questions. They had about half of the tables they usually do, and we had a ringer from another team with us, so it was a good night. They now have a $25 minimum which I get as they can only have half the people and it’s really popular. I enjoyed my salmon salad:). We came in second overall for the night!!!🎉🎊

Here’s what I knew (that I can remember):

What is the name of the middle girl on the Brady Bunch?


Who was born first? Newton, Houdini or Mozart?

Isaac Newton

What cup do you win at the World Series?

Commissioner’s Cup

Who sang Cowboy Take Me Away?

Dixie Chicks

I also got Copperhead Road by Steve Earle or songs containing “head”.

Oh there were others I k ew but I can’t remember:(

Finally I had to run up the hill and pick up work from a colleague and I didn’t escape her for forty five minutes. She’s a talker and a night owl, neither of which describes me, so I was exhausted by the time I hit my bed!

Well I have a full list for today so I’d better get moving!

Have fun!


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