Well I finally had some excitement to share:)

This weekend I went away with a few girlfriends. We work together so it wasn’t a broadening of my very small circle, but instead a change of scenery.

We went to Osoyoos which is somewhere I had never been before. My friend owns a house up there and since she hadn’t been up since February she thought it was time to check on it.

We got there very late on Friday night as we left after work. We had a dinner of appies when we got there and stayed up talking. It was 1:30 when I finally got to bed and of course I was up at the regular five am:(

Saturday was a lot of sitting around chatting. We did get to a couple of wineries for tastings – though it was interesting to do one during a pandemic. They all have to abide by the new rules so we were often waiting outside for a few minutes while they disinfected. We tried two that were just too long of waits. Then we got into There You Go winery. I am not a huge wine fan as I like my drinks sweet, but I bought one bottle of wine here. We then hit Silver Sage which is now my favourite winery! I could have bought a bottle of all but one of their wines! We had a third one called Oliver Twist, but most of their wines were too dry for me. The final winery was called Kismet. We had an Indian lunch here that was amazing, but I didn’t try or buy any wine.

Do you think we bought enough wine?

We were up very late again Saturday night playing games. I was worried about how one friend would do when we started playing Cards Against Humanity, but she actually won! We also played taboo, what do you meme and one other that I don’t know the name of.

Finally this morning we cleaned the house, walked to town for coffee and then headed home.

It was an awesome weekend filled with laughs- the best kind, but now I really need sleep!!! And to lose the hundred pounds it feels like I gained as all we did was eat!

Have fun!


19 thoughts on “My Weekend

  1. How lovely! I can’t imagine doing anything like that here for a long while, but I am at least getting to see local friends almost properly now (no hugging obvs).

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