I really can’t wait for this school year to be over!


I had four students in class today. My autistic child pitched a fit and got to stay home- no wonder we are having trouble with him in class! He has gotten used to getting everything he wants:(

We did some running, read some books, started our Covid 19 Time Capsule booklet, worked on our year book and then learned about rolly polly bugs and built homes for them outside. Actually a pretty good day until you get to the meeting after school.

We had a CDMC meeting and I had to take the minutes. I sent them out, but figure I’ll hear about it that I didn’t send them to my principal first. I’m thinking I’d better be really careful the next two weeks so that I don’t get written up :(. I hate that I now worry about every little thing I do😥


I met Dennis for a run. He is still having trouble with his breathing and is supposed to go see a cardiologist so I am making him take it easy by running my speed. We did 6.19km today and I only had to call him back once. It was nice to get some distance in. I’ve had two weeks in a row where I haven’t made thirty kilometers and I want to break that pattern quick!

I also did a workout. I decided to go back to a Hallmark workout as my legs felt really weak on my run today. I feel like, as dumb as they may be, the Hallmark workouts really are a good workout. I did a minute of jogging between the following;

Burpees, deadlifts, bent over rows, squats, reverse lunges, front raises, pushups, bicep curls, curtsy lunges, crunches, reverse crunches, and plié squats.

I think that that is all I have to report today. I had better finish a book or start some knitting so I’m not boring!

Have fun!


18 thoughts on “Tuesday Trials

  1. I’ll be glad when your school year is over. You have had to endure too many stressful things. I always admire teachers, and especially you for continuing to do your best in difficult circumstances.

    1. Oh thank you Anne. It has definitely not been my favourite year and I am very much looking forward to the 26th at 2:50pm!

  2. You shouldn’t have to worry about being written up when you’re doing your job to the best of your ability with the circumstances you are given.
    Our school year ended Monday. I could almost feel the glee in the email from the superintendent. He mentioned the date of the last day in his daily email for over a month. I’d say he was done. When is your last day? Maybe a countdown on the blog would help:)

    1. It is a horrible feeling to worry about every little thing I do:(
      My last day is the 26th at 2:50pm. I can’t wait!

      1. Here, too. Four teachers have quit, and if I were not 70 years old, I might have, too. I am dreading the guidelines for September. If preschoolers have to wear face masks, that is wrong! How can they learn the all important social and emotional cues if they can’t see your full face?

      2. We just keep being told convenient truths but they’re not allowed to do partner or group work or share anything. There go those skills😥

    1. Oh I don’t know if he’s been tested. The issues go away after 3km though and he doesn’t have any problems when we’re not running. He actually thinks it’s exercise induced asthma, but he has to see the cardiologist first. Running at my speed helped he said.

      1. Ahhh…that would make sense. My son had that as a child. Exercise and cold air. He has since outgrown it. Cardiologist is a smart start. All the best.

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