Today was my last day with kids in class all day, even though it was just two kids.


We spent the morning doing a virtual field trip to the Amazon Rainforest since we learned about rainforests last week. We also did some fun puzzle and colouring sheets.

After recess the kids helped create our posters for the car parade. Then this afternoon we watched the movie, Monsters Inc. I always love this movie!

It was an incredibly low key day though I did spend some time starting to switch over my word wall from tattered white letters to bright magnetic letters. Amazingly the different colours don’t bother me.

After school we had a teacher car parade. I went in the backseat of my teaching buddy’s car and her husband drove us. He made it very fun! We were yelling happy summer and waving to the kids and he kept honking the horn and yelling, more parade. He’s so crazy, but I think everyone had fun and there was a really good turnout.


I met up with Sarah for a run around the river and we ended up running in a rainstorm. There was a mist coming off the water. The skies opened when we were 3/4 of the way, but hopefully it helped with the humidity! We only did 4.4km so I desperately need some mileage over the next week as I’ve only done about 84km this month:(

June is always a tough month for exercising and eating and I am definitely noticing that:(


I am trying to force myself to read this book, The Doctor’s Husband, but it is painful! I don’t know how my mom read it?!?!

Well that’s it for my day- a very boring last day!

Oh and I didn’t have to do housework as I did my Wednesday job on Monday this week and I am purposely not grocery shopping this week.

Have fun!


17 thoughts on “Almost There

      1. You are right. I am plumb worn out which is why I took a shopping break and a ride to see the grand daughter and enjoy a morning breakfast out.

  1. You are almost there! I just thought of something. Do you all have to wear masks at school? Wondering if that will be the new school supply come fall?

    1. No we are not given any PPE at work. We have a few teachers who wear masks but the kids complain they can’t understand them

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