I am so close to being done I can almost taste it!


I had no kids today, just parents and kids picking up report cards. I was disappointed in two of them. The mother of one of my hardest kids didn’t even say thank you and then I had another parent walk in, grab the report out of my hand and walk out without saying anything:(. I don’t expect gifts, but a thank you would be nice!

We also had a variation of the grade five leaving ceremony. It was great we could have something, but I missed being able to hug and give handshakes. I taught almost every kid who left this year.

Now the only problem we’re having is trying to get our admin to let us go at noon tomorrow like every other principal does. She says the optics would be bad. Like they aren’t when she leaves every day before lunch😖😖

We shall see what happens.


I went right from work to a run around the river with Dennis. I was even tempted to get into the river it was so hot. Dennis has a great run, but mine was a struggle. I guess it wasn’t turn.

I also did five minutes of abs, but only because I didn’t want to do anything!


I got my floors swept, vacuumed or washed so I am happy. I just need to do laundry tomorrow now.

I haven’t done anything else to tell you about.

Have fun!


24 thoughts on “So Close!!

    1. Yes and we’ve worked an extra twenty minutes a day every day in June since they shortened our lunch for no reason

  1. People who worry about optics are the ones who totally miss substance. You’ve done a great job in an impossible situation. If the principal can’t see that they have placed value on the wrong thing.
    I hope you enjoy your summer break:)

  2. What a school year it has been! I would have been hurt by a parent to never smiled or said thank you. We made visits to each child’s house, hung out far apart in their yard, read a story, and painted rocks. It was so nice! Enjoy your summer, AJ.

      1. I’m free! Every other school didn’t even have to go in today but we got let out one hour and fifteen minutes early. I🙄I’ll take it!

  3. Oh AJ. Please do not be too discouraged. Teaching is so so difficult. Zach had such an awful year last year. This year would have been even worse with COVID. Zach is currently, right now, taking a Spanish lesson from Troy!!! We want to go visit him in Mexico as soon as we can. His hope, Zach’s, is to be a tennis coach one day. Teaching, but teaching his favorite thing in life: Tennis. I pray every day he is getting closer to his goal. Classroom teaching is so difficult. hugs to you

    1. Thank you! It has been a really tough year and I get so tired of the entitlement of the kids and their parents. What happened to basic manners?
      That would be so cool for Zach to be able to teach tennis. Will he need to relocate again for that?

  4. Glad your year is over and you are on summer break! I hope this is a good period of rest and rejuvenation for you, and things aren’t so crazy when you head back in the fall!

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