My last brother and his family left today so we may just get back to quiet relaxation.


Once again I managed to get out for a run right away this morning. It was literally fifteen minutes from awaking to out the door. I ran out of town as I went the opposite way, so I did a few laps around the local field and then went back how I had yesterday.

I also got a BeFitDavis workout in. It is one I had skipped before because it had lots of jumping in it and I have someone living below me, but not here. It was 45 seconds each of squat jacks, scissor jacks, single knee drives, high knees, and pop jacks. I managed to get through all of them twice before my parents arrived back home.


My brother, SIL and nephew stopped in this morning. We bonded while shelling crab. 🤣🤪. I always love seeing them so it was a nice visit before they left for the other parent’s place.


I sat down in the sunshine this afternoon with the plan to knit for one hour and stitch for one hour. Unfortunately, I brought everything for knitting but the one page of the pattern that I am on. I will have to look it up tomorrow I guess. I ended up doing about an hour of stitching which was quite lovely:)


I am still working on Beach Read by Emily Henry. Scrabble is definitely slowing down my reading.

I am so tired that I think I might be off to bed already🤣

Have fun!


10 thoughts on “Back to Quiet?

    1. Oh sorry I was referring to cross stitch. It is when you use different colours of embroidery floss to create a picture on a special cloth using tiny little x’s

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