It was a very quiet and restful day.


This is the one thing I did well today. I started the day with a 5km run that was one hill after another. I got to start running down a hill but then had to go up the other side. I made it to the top and turned the corner, only to see another steep hill. On the way back, I had the first hill again. I swear this town is trying to kill me with hills!

This is not the steepest one!

I did some yoga when I came back because I was shocked to find out I hadn’t done any yoga in June. Hopefully it will help with my tight muscles!

Finally this afternoon I did a BeFitDavis workout. It was four sets of lateral lunges, squats, static squat with heel lifts, and pulsing plié squats. I then added on knee raises, a plank, crunches, reverse crunches, bicycle crunches, leg drops, heel taps, and scissor legs.

My goal was to do all three activities each day so this was a success:)


I got some more done on my cross stitch project. I cheated on the curtain and did a part that is a different colour so it will be visible.


I had to restart my sweater. I’m just hoping it will turn out well and move along quickly!


I could almost swear I am reading Beach Read backwards as it is going so slowly.

That is my whole day- pretty quiet!

Have fun!


7 thoughts on “At The Least

  1. Those hills sound tough but rewarding!! I bet it feels great to go downhill, only to know you have to go up again haha. But a productive day nonetheless, and much more action packed than mine. It has been rain, rain, rain here.

    1. Yup I hate hills but just keep thinking that they should make me faster when I go home!
      I’m lucky I’m visiting my parents- it’s pouring at my house but only cloudy here

    1. I have been trying to put this down time to use and do lots of exercise and stretching. I’m hoping that I am now going in a positive direction with the sweater

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