The nice thing about visiting my parents is that I get to do what I would do at home, but with company. Plus having someone else around forces me to be the better version of me.


I did 5.65km this morning, and yes it was more hills. I think I managed to figure out a route for tomorrow which should only have one massive hill, but several smaller ones. I really don’t like how the first hill comes at 0.5km – I’m not even warmed up then!

I did ten minutes of yoga when I got home to try and stretch out my poor legs. I really can’t wait for my massage next week.

I also did a BeFitDavis abs workout this afternoon- plank, Russian twists, leg drop to reverse crunch and crunches. I added on the pushups so another part of me would get exercised too.


My mom and I went to a different grocery store today and I found five different types of my soya cheese. This cheese is good when I’m having cheese and crackers as it holds it’s shape like regular cheese. I always love looking around grocery stores when I’m in a new place, though the two I’ve been in on this trip make me happy I live where I do.


I spent some time on both my cross stitch and my knitting. I’m not sure there’s visible progress yet, but I know I did stuff!


Still working on Beach Read. I don’t know why this book is going so slow, but I am over halfway so hopefully will be done soon.


This afternoon my mom found out that her specialist appointment is on the phone so she doesn’t need to go home. That means she isn’t going and I contacted my brother to see if I could get a ride with them. I can, but it means I’m going home on Saturday:(. Even with how quiet the trip has been, I will miss having my parents for company:(

Well I’m going back to the book.

Have fun!


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