This last day has been rainy and went so fast:(

It has been a very lazy day as my only exercise was 23 minutes of yoga.

I did do some cross stitch and knitting. I am excited that I touched the edge of the first page of the cross stitch pattern. I think I may have to go back to the curtain again though.

In knitting, I got the top done and will be connecting it into the round on the next row. I messed up but think I finally got the right number if stitches, just maybe not in the right place🤣

Otherwise I have done nothing but happily hang out with my parents. I’m going to miss having company!

Have fun!


10 thoughts on “It Goes So Fast:(

  1. It sounds like a good day to me! 23 minutes of yoga is not bad, is it? Also, knitting seems like a fun hobby. I have always been interested but have not gotten into it yet!

    1. I love my knitting- I learned as a really young kid and have always knit. It keeps my hands busy, I get to create one of a kind items and I get a sense of accomplishment. I really recommend it

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