My friend L asked if I would like to keep her company as she drive North to pick up her son. Since I had never been North I jumped at the chance and yesterday we set out.

It was an early morning with leaving at 5am, but we had no problems getting away.

Our first stop was in Abbotsford for gas since it’s cheaper there.

I was super excited when L said we were taking the canyon rather than the coquahalla as it’s a much more interesting road. It is certainly a different experience driving with another woman- we had a quick stop every hour or two to stretch our legs and go to the bathroom. It was great!

At Williams Lake I took over driving for a while. I had told her I would happily drive, but it was her car, her rules and her comfort level. The coolest thing is that we don’t have to make many adjustments to the seat and mirrors to trade off:)

I was already really enjoying seeing all these towns and cities I had heard of, but never seen.

I drove to Quesnel, but worried about running out of gas the whole way there, especially after we ran into some construction. L has a much lower comfort level for gas than I do. She was right though as we pulled into the gas station at Quesnel just as the gas light went on.

It was neat to see Quesnel as I always remember a girl who came to my elementary school was Karla from Quesnel. I don’t know why that has stuck with me, but it has so it was cool to now be able to picture it. Quesnel is bigger than I was expecting and we stopped for Starbucks here.

Our next major city was Prince George where I managed to snap a picture of Mr. PG. Prince George is also much bigger than I was expecting, but we didn’t actually stop here.

We must have stopped just after here though as I took over the driving again for a while. This was a much smoother drive with no worries.

We were supposed to stop in Burns Lake to trade off again (where one of our colleagues grew up so another cool place to see) but it only had one gas station on the wrong side of the road, so we stopped down the road at Dekker Lake at this very odd store that had absolutely everything, but a bathroom. Thankfully a rest stop came up quickly.

We stopped in Houston so I could take a picture of the largest fishing pole in the world.

As well we also stopped at Bulkley Canyon so I could take a picture of the First Nations guy spear fishing.

We finally arrived at New Hazelton (there are about four of them). I had an awesome welcoming committee from this gorgeous girl.

This town is another tiny one with one stoplight. This motel is across the street from L’s parents place so it’s where we’ve set up camp.

The rooms are clean, have a fridge and remind me of Port Hardy when I stayed there with my parents a couple of years ago.

But of course we are dealing with children, so it was immediately out to the lake last night.

I was pleasantly surprised by how green it is up here and how many lakes there are. My province seems to be green, except for the desert in the centre of it.

Just a road shot to show the green. Some of the roads we were on looked like car commercial roads.

Well onto a new day now.

Have fun!


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