L slept in yesterday after all that driving so I got to start the day slowly with reading my book. I won’t complain about that!

After a couple of cups of tea,L, her mom and I set out for a run. We did the Breakwater trail but added on the river portion which is straight down for 750 meters and then 75 stairs. Of course we had to come back up that too.

We had a dog follow us home who hung out all day annoying us, but entertaining the kids. Well they were also entertained helping a mouse get out of the skate park.

We then headed over to the park with her mom to do the “old lady workout” for the day

It was a beautiful area, but not much of a workout. At least I moved though!

After a shower and finally some food, we headed out to old town. I guess there are actually four different Hazeltons. Old town has a very different vibe to it, but was really cool to look around.

In the evening L took the kids back to the lake and I helped with some prep for tomorrow at the cafe.

So far it has been really cool to finally see the places L talks about. Supposedly I also need to see one of the doctors in town who is super nice and cute. We shall see.

Have fun!


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