Today we didn’t do much but boy was I tired from it.

We had a cup of tea and then headed out to do some hill repeats in town. I managed to do seven hill repeats and a short tour of the block run. We finished up in the park with three rounds of ten pull-ups, pushups, dips, step ups, and a plank. We then ran home. It wasn’t five kilometers but it was still an awesome way to start the day.

After a great breakfast skillet

We headed out to the valley which is where L grew up. It was so cool to see where she talks about. I got a few minutes of knitting in while they went swimming before the skies opened again.

It was back home for a visit with a sister in law and a niece and then another trip to the local lake.

I tried to get pictures of the crazy amount of frogs at the valley lake and the crazy amount of tadpoles at the local lake, but they just didn’t turn out. It really was something to see though.

Now it’s time for bed!

Have fun!


17 thoughts on “Day 3

      1. Oh I don’t have any problem finding hills. I live in an incredibly hilly area so trying to run without a hill is a challenge

      2. That’s lucky since you have built in hill training on your runs! Where I live in both Chicago (technically where my parents live) and Philly, I have to find hills that would work for hill repeats.

      3. Most days I would love that but I can understand why it could be annoying to have to carefully plan your route

  1. I am so happy that you are having a great time! the little cabin photo is charming. And frogs….oh my. There are a lot around here too! It seems a good healthy thing for the forest

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