L and I started the day with an interval run around the park followed by stairs and a circuit of pushups, pull-ups, lateral step ups, split lunges and froggers jumps. That was enough to start the day out right.

I tried her mom’s avocado toast at the cafe which was very yummy!

We then set off for the first part of our journey home.

I was lucky enough that we stopped in Smithers and I got a couple of minutes in a knitting shop. I didn’t end up buying anything because they didn’t have anything local.

But it’s always neat to see a new store. We also stopped and got lunch at the Two Sisters Cafe which was a really great idea! We grabbed it to go.

We then kept going to Burns Lake. We stopped at the local yarn store here and I got a skein of yarn they is made in McBride BC. I do love when stores have local yarns. I also picked up a toque kit for both L and I. Hers will be her birthday or Christmas present. I had kicked myself last year when I didn’t buy them from Knit City.

The boys were very determined that we needed to stop at Burns Lake because it has a water slide into the lake. It was a cool stop and the guys had the chance to swim and play for a couple of hours.

From there we made the drive that seemed interminable to Prince George where we had a hotel room booked. It also had a pool and water slide so that kept the boys entertained. I did go down the water slide a few times but then enjoyed the hot tub.

We got to bed early but it was about 12:30 before I really got any sleep:(. We are now off for the next leg of our journey.

Have fun!


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