Well it was a busy day that unfortunately included a dud.


I had my day planned out and knew I had to get my run in early if it was going to get done, especially with the heat. I got a lovely 5.5km to the mill and back.

This afternoon I did some weights. 36 each of: bent over rows, banded front raises, bicep curls, overhead tricep extension, pullovers, chest press, shoulder press, plank, crunches, bicycle crunches, reverse crunch with a toe tap, Russian twists, scissor legs, heel touches, squats, curtsy lunge, plié squat, adductors, calf raises, banded side shuffle, and hip bridges.

I’m sure there’s muscle under the heat wave bloat!


Last Saturday I was supposed to share my July baking challenge, but I was waiting until I had somewhere to take the cake so that I didn’t eat it all.

Today I grabbed ingredients at the grocery store and got to work early before it got even hotter. I had decided to do lemon cupcakes with cream and blueberries. I decided on the cupcakes so that it would make it easier to divide up, during this time of Covid when no one is supposed to share food.

The cupcakes were quick and easy. I only had to change the butter to vegan butter spread and the milk to oat milk for these. They didn’t rise much, but they had a great lemon taste.

I had decided to use coco whip as my cream because dairy free whipping cream uses full fat coconut milk which is often too rich for me and the light doesn’t turn into whipping cream.

I got the cupcakes, the whip and the blueberries out to start the process, only to learn that coco whip doesn’t like 33 degree weather.

It was a disaster!! The coco whip slid right off the cupcake and took the blueberries with it.

I ended up not taking these anywhere and scraped the remaining coco whip off and froze the cupcakes.

Make sure you check out Abbey (Three Cats and a Girl) and Kathy (Sewing etc) to see how their baking challenge went. I’m sure better than mine!


I met up with my friend Anna and her two sons at a local park and were lucky enough to have it pretty much to ourselves. The distancing was a little tough but we did our best and avoided direct contact. It was awesome to see them as I haven’t since February!

I then grabbed Gus and we went to have ice cream. It was a quick trip as he had plans to go fishing with a fiend so I dropped him off on my way home. I’m happy with even a short Gus fix:)


After a 2.5 hour nap, I spent some time getting a few pattern repeats on the shawl done and a couple of rows towards the 3″ of knitting stockinette in the round I have to do for the sweater.

That isn’t day!

Have fun!


14 thoughts on “Stretching My Skills with Sally

  1. I made keto pancakes this morning with coconut flour. Always a little soft but the taste with fruit and light syrup is delicious. For some reason, extra hungry this morning!

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