The First Day

My friend L asked if I would like to keep her company as she drive North to pick up her son. Since I had never been North I jumped at the chance and yesterday we set out.

It was an early morning with leaving at 5am, but we had no problems getting away.

Our first stop was in Abbotsford for gas since it’s cheaper there.

I was super excited when L said we were taking the canyon rather than the coquahalla as it’s a much more interesting road. It is certainly a different experience driving with another woman- we had a quick stop every hour or two to stretch our legs and go to the bathroom. It was great!

At Williams Lake I took over driving for a while. I had told her I would happily drive, but it was her car, her rules and her comfort level. The coolest thing is that we don’t have to make many adjustments to the seat and mirrors to trade off:)

I was already really enjoying seeing all these towns and cities I had heard of, but never seen.

I drove to Quesnel, but worried about running out of gas the whole way there, especially after we ran into some construction. L has a much lower comfort level for gas than I do. She was right though as we pulled into the gas station at Quesnel just as the gas light went on.

It was neat to see Quesnel as I always remember a girl who came to my elementary school was Karla from Quesnel. I don’t know why that has stuck with me, but it has so it was cool to now be able to picture it. Quesnel is bigger than I was expecting and we stopped for Starbucks here.

Our next major city was Prince George where I managed to snap a picture of Mr. PG. Prince George is also much bigger than I was expecting, but we didn’t actually stop here.

We must have stopped just after here though as I took over the driving again for a while. This was a much smoother drive with no worries.

We were supposed to stop in Burns Lake to trade off again (where one of our colleagues grew up so another cool place to see) but it only had one gas station on the wrong side of the road, so we stopped down the road at Dekker Lake at this very odd store that had absolutely everything, but a bathroom. Thankfully a rest stop came up quickly.

We stopped in Houston so I could take a picture of the largest fishing pole in the world.

As well we also stopped at Bulkley Canyon so I could take a picture of the First Nations guy spear fishing.

We finally arrived at New Hazelton (there are about four of them). I had an awesome welcoming committee from this gorgeous girl.

This town is another tiny one with one stoplight. This motel is across the street from L’s parents place so it’s where we’ve set up camp.

The rooms are clean, have a fridge and remind me of Port Hardy when I stayed there with my parents a couple of years ago.

But of course we are dealing with children, so it was immediately out to the lake last night.

I was pleasantly surprised by how green it is up here and how many lakes there are. My province seems to be green, except for the desert in the centre of it.

Just a road shot to show the green. Some of the roads we were on looked like car commercial roads.

Well onto a new day now.

Have fun!


Fun and Thankful

I am definitely an introvert so have just a few good friends. Thankfully a group at work decided I should be one of them.

From Monday to Thursday we rented a small cottage on the coast and enjoyed three nights, four days of resting and relaxing. It was so fun!!

It started with lunch at the Black Bean where I had smoked salmon, egg and avocado. How can it get better??

The inside of the cottage was slightly rustic and I would definitely have some suggestions for them as they definitely rely on the pool and view to draw people in.

But really how can you blame them? I spent a lot of time in the pool and it was cool because it was a salt water pool.

We did go down onto the rocky shore and one friend went swimming in the ocean, but I stuck to the pool.

We mostly stuck to charcuterie and snacks so we could enjoy lounging.

However we did go out to a pub one afternoon for lunch and I had a turkey sandwich which was quite yummy.

We really enjoyed the sunsets each night.

The only bad part was that we all got eaten alive by mosquitoes:(

I got back home this evening with great memories and feeling very grateful for the inclusive group of women that I call friends!


I actually didn’t realize I hadn’t posted yesterday until I got on here.

I set off with L andSon a road trip that lasted two hours. We aren’t really going all that far from home, though boy is it nice to see new scenery.

We stopped in the drive for coffee because we were extremely early for the ferry. ( you just never know about traffic as there is a bridge involved). The wait and the ferry ride were uneventful. Getting back to the highway we had to follow a loaded dump truck up a huge hill. My car started to rattle really bad:(

Once done with the crossing to the coast, not an island, we stopped at the Black Bean Cafe for lunch. I had a gluten free bread with egg, avocado and smoked salmon. It was amazing!

I was so hungry though that I ate it in about a minute.

We then made the hour drive and thankfully my car was fine.

We arrived to a very cute three bedroom cottage. It is nothing fancy, except for the view.

Even better, it has a pool with glass fencing so you can be in the pool looking at this amazing view. Needless to say, we did nothing but this for the rest of the day.

Thankfully we had brought chicken wings and salads for dinner so we didn’t have to go out again!

The sunset was just as spectacular.

The only downfall I have found so far is that it is the worst year in twenty years for mosquitoes, so guess who is getting eaten alive?:(

I am so lucky that when I was forced back to work, and I had the other teachers become my bubble, that these people are friends I like doing things with.

Well I’m going to go enjoy my first cup of tea on that deck.

Have fun!


My Weekend

It hasn’t been super exciting so I thought I would just gather it all together in one post.


Dennis cancelled our bike ride so I did my usual 5km to the mill and back.

I then spent the afternoon looking through a long street of furniture stores with my friend who just moved into a new place. This is the cutest thing I saw:


Saturday started with another mill 5k and then laundry and chores all day. I am also reading a good book which I will hopefully get to tell you about soon. Shocker: it’s not a trashy romance!

There was also some stitching and knitting.


Today started with a walk and tea with Brenda and Dennis. It was great to be able to catch up with them and it turned into a nice morning as we went.

I then did a lot of knitting and am done the body of my current sweater. I am hoping to get the neck done tonight too, but that might be too ambitious.

Well now you know my entire weekend. Thank goodness my week should be more interesting!

Oh and if you know about these cards against humanity- knitter version, can you please comment with where to get them, as I couldn’t find them online today. Thanks.

Have fun!


SAL Update


This year I am determined to make progress on the project that sat on the shelf in my spare room for eleven years. It at least sits on my coffee table now. This is where I was at three weeks ago.

Last time I had made no progress because of a stressful work time, but thankfully this time I have some progress to show.

The bad news is that I have messed up at the bottom. I think I have put in too many stitches to figure out where the mistake was so I am just going to have to live with it:(. It does bother me though and makes me not want to work on that bottom section:(. I had been doing so well too!

Be sure to check out everyone else’s progress as there are some amazing projects!


















Mary Margaret










I always find it tough to ask people to do things as I’m afraid I’m bothering them, but this week I made it a challenge to arrange a friend outing each day. Yesterday I took a friend for ice cream, and today I managed an outing too:)


I tried to do a workout this morning, but my body just wasn’t having it. I stopped and sat back down on the couch and knitted. I had my first massage in four months and it turns out it’s been my psosa that has been giving me trouble. It is a very deep hip flexor and boy does it feel much better now!


Last week when I was walking in the other side of town I had seen that a new cidery had opened up. I arranged to meet two friends there this afternoon for a late lunch. It turned out that we had to sit inside because it was pouring when we got there. Of course it was beautiful by the time we were leaving. It also turned out its a brewery, not a cidery. They only had one type of cider. It was okay, but nothing I have to make the twenty minute walk for.

It was super nice to catch up with friends though and I’m the one who arranged it, so I take that as a major success!

I ordered mixed nuts and olives and they came in a plastic container, like you get in the bulk section of the grocery store. I am really hoping this is just because of the Covid Pandemic as it really didn’t add to the atmosphere at all!


After a lovely two hour nap, I spent the evening knitting on my sweater and watching a Hallmark movie I had never seen before. Both were very enjoyable.

Well I’m tired again, so I think I’ll go crawl into bed.

Have fun!


Two For Two

Well I got two things done that I should have gotten done.


As I was laying in bed this morning, my running buddy texted to say run without her. I decided that I had better just get it done right away as it would get less and less likely as the day went on. At least today’s 5km run was better than yesterday’s. My hip flexor (I think) is still bugging me, but definitely not as bad as yesterday.

I also got a weights workout in this afternoon. I changed up what I did and took the cardio out of it. I did three sets of ten reps with decreasing weight for: military press, overhead tricep extension, bicep curl, crunches, reverse crunches with a heel tap, bent over rows, pullovers, Russian twists, side to side heel touches, and hip raises. It didn’t burn a lot of calories, but at some point I’d really like to see some muscle tone!


I got my bathroom wiped down which was my daily job today and I got my house insurance renewed. It’s a good thing I got these two things done as nothing else got done.


I met up with a fellow teacher friend for a walk (six feet apart) over to the ice cream store. She had never been to Vashti Rose, so I of course had to introduce her, and she of course, loved it! I had the blood orange with a little taster of lemon pineapple and they were great! On our way over there we saw:

I’m embarrassed to say that I have walked by this cuteness several times and never noticed it. I think my story is going to be that it is new and wasn’t there the last several times I was in the area. I now also know my friend is way more observant than me.🤣


I have spent all day reading in any little time I had. I finished Get a Life Chloe Brown by Thalia Hibbert. I have to admit this was a slow start for me as it seemed odd and I didn’t love how they talked to each other, but once I hit their email exchange, I was hooked. I would recommend the book as a good, fluffy summer read and I will definitely be reading the next in the series.


I actually got both stitching and knitting done this evening:)🎊🎉. I just needed to get going on the podcasts and it all fell into place. You will see the stitching on Sunday and hopefully the knitting soon.

Well that’s my day folks!

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday

Not a bad day:)


Dennis picked me up for what I thought was an 8km run on the dykes, but he had other plans. I finally arrived back to the car after 9.5km. I had told him I wanted to go back to running like we were during the shelter in place time. Unfortunately my body didn’t go-operate today. This hip flexor is getting more and more sore and is starting to limit my range of motion. I can’t wait for my massage on Thursday!


After an Epsom salts bath, I checked in and headed to the lab for my standing iron tests. It was horrible! They are now taking 10 vials as they have to do the test a different way because my blood keeps clotting during the test. The needles, nor the procedure bother me, but my arm sure is sore afterwards! It didn’t help that this took over an hour!


I am reading Get a Life Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert, though I admit I fell asleep for about two hours while reading.


I did get some cross stitch done as I want to make sure there is a noticeable difference for this Sunday’s update!


It was out of my comfort zone going today as the friend I know wasn’t going to be there.

Oh n the first round I knew:

Where do the Golden State Warriors play?

San Francisco (I knew this because of the Yarniacs podcast).

What are the seventy five numbers that aren’t prime numbers called?


Who was the golfer known as the great white shark?

Greg Norman

What was Angelina Jolie’s character in Tomb Raider?

Lara Croft

What was the smallest boy’s name in the Brady Bunch?


What was this actor’s name?

George Burns

What was the score of a particular crib hand?

8 points

Put these women in order of who was born first?

Lady Godiva, Joan of Arc, and Florence Nightingale

We actually won the first round and got a free drink!

The music round was not our friend. I only knew Alan Jackson with Chattahoochie.

Kahoot wasn’t our friend tonight but in the last round I knew:

What was the name of the boat in Gilligan’s Island?

SS Minnow

What is it called when two words are put together?

Compound words

Who was Tony Parker divorces from?

Eva Longoria

What are the three most expensive teams in the NHL?

NY Rangers, Toronto, Montreal

What two suits have one eyed jacks?

Spades and hearts

Who wrote Phantom of the Opera music?

Andrew Lloyd Webber

What is Pink’s name?

Alicia Moore

Which Queen album has Bohemian Rhapsody?

A Night at the Opera

Well that’s it for me.

Have fun!


PJ Day

I really didn’t mean to spend the day in my pajamas!


I got busy this morning and did my one task of housework. I had to change the order as my floors were in desperate need of cleaning, so all sweeping and vacuuming got done today. I’m glad I got at least that done!


I have to admit I spent most of the day eating berries, playing scrabble, reading and watching a Hallmark movie.


Thank goodness I had arranged to run with Sarah today or I never would have gotten out of my pajamas. We did a 5km to the mill and back and boy was it hot and a little busier than I like.

I then came home and did a Hallmark workout which was a minute of jogging between: front raises, crunches, lateral raises, squats, plié squats, deadlifts, burpees, tricep extensions, mountain climbers, pullovers, reverse crunches and bicep curls.

I really need a massage though! My body is getting very sore and creaky.

I know I should be knitting or stitching, but I think I’m going to go back to reading my book.

Have fun!


Visiting Is Good

Well not only does visiting my parents improve my mood and my hug-o-meter, it also apparently, improves my fitness.


I got up super early this morning and met Dennis for a long run. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, but I managed a 10km PR! I actually got faster as the run went on and at one point was keeping up with Dennis at a 5:52/km (this is fast for me)! It felt really good to get back to normal and have a long run, but I guess all those hills of the past week, made me stronger.

I also got a Hallmark workout in this evening. I did a minute of jogging between crunches, squats, front raises, plié squats, burpees, pushups, lateral raises, reverse crunches, bent over rows, bicep curls, mountain climbers, full weighted sit ups, and deadlifts. I really need to go pick up some heavier weights and I need to remember to take some weights with me when I visit my parents.

Hallmark workouts seem great for right now- I get to watch a movie and hopefully get into better shape.


After a tea with the Sunday group and a quick shower, I met up with Lyndsay to go out to a local berry farm. We started with Krause Berry Farms which my mom and I went to last summer.

This was from last year as this year the winery wasn’t open and there were lineups to get into the market and to get waffles. We must have arrived at a very busy time, about 1:15 as the lineups were much longer then than when we came out. It wasn’t as enjoyable in the market as you can’t touch anything unless you are buying it and you can’t really take your time as you have to stay in your spot in the lineup that goes through. I did go a little crazy with berries, but am telling myself I just bought all my berries at one time this year.

The one extra container of raspberries is for my friend Sarah, though now I realize I could have just given her one out of my flat. Oh well!

On the way back we passed Driedeger Farms which neither of us had been to. We decided to stop and take a look so we would know which we liked better. I think Krause Berry Farms is what Driedeger Farms wants to be when they grow up. Driedeger is much smaller and seems to be much more focused on U-pick. It is nice to actually know that now:)

I have to admit that I have been lazy the rest of the day and have just been reading and playing scrabble. I had better get back into the cross stitch and knitting daily habit quickly!

Oh and I am starting to think about road trip food so if anyone has any suggestions of what has worked for them, I’d love to hear them!

Have fun!