It was a lovely day with the family!

My sister in law and I started the day with a run. My watch recorded 3.8km of it, but thankfully my SIL’s watch got all 5.4km of it. It felt really good to keep up with my SIL without feeling like I was dying.

In the afternoon we went out to Tod Inlet with some kids and a dog. All of them were happy to get into the water for swimming. The adults quite happily stayed out of the cold water.

The best part of the day though, other than spending it with family, was dinner! We ordered Chinese food and I got to eat all of it!!!! It was so amazing- it actually felt like real take out!

Beef chop suet, shrimp fried rice, veggies in black bean sauce, and eggplant hot pot. I loved it all. I told them that may need to become a tradition.

This evening we went for a walk in the neighborhood and ran into many friends and neighbors. It’s so nice to see the kids running around the neighbourhood- very 80s style and I love it.

Well, time for bed, have fun!


Off on a Tour

I started off first thing this morning for a ferry.

The trip to the ferry was awesome and only took 45 minutes which is amazing, and I managed to be organized and have my reservation code and credit card ready when I got to the ticket booth.

I had a lovely hour wait for the ferry and managed to get the fourth gauge swatch done for my test knit sweater. I finally made gauge, hurray!!! I had to go down a needle size and I’ll be using beige yarn which wasn’t anyone’s first choice, but it’s what I got gauge with.

The ferry ride was not very calm, but made better when I ran into a teacher who had retired from my school this last year. I visited with her and her husband on the back deck.

I am visiting with my brother and sister in law and their kids and my visit started with this awesome visit to a beach where we had the whole place to ourselves!

We enjoyed a couple of hours visiting with some of my SIL’s friends while the kids played in the very cold water!

From there it was home to see my brother and have a lovely dinner of pulled pork. After dinner we went for a walk. How do you know your SIL is perfect for the family- she knows where all the library bins are in the neighborhood. We managed to go by two on our walk:)

I am off to sleep now though as this family is up and at ’em early.

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday

Sorry I had a busy day yesterday and just collapsed when I got in.


I started the day with a hot, miserable 8.6km run with Dennis. We were on a well shaded path, but my heart rate was super high and my legs were sore and tired. I’ve decided to blame it on biking the day before🤣


After a coffee, a massage, and some household chores I met up with my friend Emily for some more furniture shopping. We managed to finish off the other side of the street. I did notice that you don’t really know how uncomfortable the couches are until you sit in a really comfortable one. I didn’t buy one, but think I know what store I would go back to now.

There is also an awesome fabric store on this street that my friend wanted to grab some stuff at. I had no needs, but came out with sale fabric for making myself a new tank top. It really drives me crazy how racerback tanks all have super big arm holes right now so you end up having to wear a layer underneath them (totally defeats the keep cool purpose), so o think I’m going to try to make one. I found a pattern online at Sew Much Ado. I hope it turns out! It’s been forever since I sewed clothes rather than quilts or mending.


I had to stop in and grab my parents’ mail for them so I took the opportunity to print the tank pattern on their printer and visit my aunt and uncle.

I do worry about being an asymptomatic carrier of Covid now when I visit with people, even outside. I don’t want to make anyone sick!


I finally did make it to trivia. There were only three of us and we finished the night in third so I think we did pretty good. Here are some of the questions. Usually I write them down, but now I can’t find them so there will be way less than we actually knew.

Where the did the male characters on Big Bang Theory work?

Cal Tech Univeristy

Spell Gandhi’s first name.


Which planet is sixth from the sun?


What show is about advertising company in the 1960s?

Mad Men

What was the first Nancy Drew book called?

The Secret of the Old Clock

Well I had better get going on my day. Have fun!



I just realized I didn’t write about yesterday!


Really, the only thing of great interest I did yesterday was my bike ride first thing in the morning with Dennis. We have a local trail that he had been wanting to do, but the last three attempts were cut short- one by flat tires, one by time, and one by lack of confidence, but yesterday it finally happened. We rode 24.27km and I didn’t fall off. I didn’t master the gear shifting until the last hill, but I did finally get it. I think it was successful because I gave myself permission to just go slow at the tough bits:). I even said at the end that I’d be willing to do it again:)

In the early afternoon I also got a workout in. I did a Pro Fit Bootcamp video off of YouTube. If you want t sweat profusely, this is the video for you!


I was determined to get my laundry all done so I also got knitting done. Well technically I got it undone. I took apart the shawl I have been working on as I just didn’t like it’s shape. I think I will look for a top pattern.

I also got the test knit pattern and have started gauge swatching.

Well I think that that was all my excitement. Now I had better get ready for my run.

Have fun!


SAL Update


This year I am determined to make progress on the project that sat on the shelf in my spare room for eleven years. It at least sits on my coffee table now. This is where I was at three weeks ago.

Here is where I am now:

I have to admit that I chickened out and avoided the bottom area where I had screwed up and instead worked on the curtain. I know that it’s very difficult to see the progress, but I have hit the end of the first page in the curtain. 🎉🎊

I like that I have a straight row to check progress on and am looking forward to being able to get the whole thing to that column so that I start the next page at a “clean” row.

Be sure to check out everyone else’s progress as there are some amazing projects!


















Mary Margaret









Run To Rapid City Update #5

I am kicking myself!!


I got a good weights workout in this morning and a bit of yoga this afternoon.


I have finished the entire Sex, Love and Stiletto series by Lauren Layne and have enjoyed them all, so much so that I am starting on the spinoff series called Oxford. I think I like most the strong friend circle that is continuous through all the books.

Run to Rapid City:

At the start of the year I was having a very difficult time getting my butt out the door to run and I wasn’t quite sure how to solve the problem. I had done a speed goal and I had done a mileage goal, so what was there to do now. Then the wonderful Kathy suggested I run to her house for a visit. This inspired me and continues to get me out the door.

At my last check in I was almost all the way across Washington State, but boy is that state ever wide! This month I have ran 126.36km to make it to 800km overall for the year.

I have just past the city of Mullan, Idaho and am 10km from the border between Idaho and Montana. I am, of course, kicking myself for not running 10 more kilometers this month. It also seems so odd that after six months to make it across Washington, I did Idaho in a month.

The city of Mullan Idaho is in a silver mining area which is still active, and has a population of about 600 people (at the last census). I am definitely finding it more difficult to run here as it is at 3200 feet above sea level and at home I am at sea level. Definitely noticing that!

The city was created between two silver mines and was incorporated in 1904 and named after the Westpoint Graduate, John Mullan who was tasked with finding a road route between the fort in Montana and the fort in Washington.

I have ran by a John Mullan elementary school and a secondary school, along with an Olympic sized swimming pool!

The Morning Club building is the most interesting building I have seen in town. It was built in 1921.

Sorry, I can’t help my love of old buildings! This building now has the bowling alley and the library in it. I really hope they don’t operate at the same time!

Well, that’s as far as I’ve gotten and I need to get going on that last ten kilometers so I can start making my way across Montana. I have the feeling that state is going to take much longer!

Have fun!