I am kicking myself!!


I got a good weights workout in this morning and a bit of yoga this afternoon.


I have finished the entire Sex, Love and Stiletto series by Lauren Layne and have enjoyed them all, so much so that I am starting on the spinoff series called Oxford. I think I like most the strong friend circle that is continuous through all the books.

Run to Rapid City:

At the start of the year I was having a very difficult time getting my butt out the door to run and I wasn’t quite sure how to solve the problem. I had done a speed goal and I had done a mileage goal, so what was there to do now. Then the wonderful Kathy suggested I run to her house for a visit. This inspired me and continues to get me out the door.

At my last check in I was almost all the way across Washington State, but boy is that state ever wide! This month I have ran 126.36km to make it to 800km overall for the year.

I have just past the city of Mullan, Idaho and am 10km from the border between Idaho and Montana. I am, of course, kicking myself for not running 10 more kilometers this month. It also seems so odd that after six months to make it across Washington, I did Idaho in a month.

The city of Mullan Idaho is in a silver mining area which is still active, and has a population of about 600 people (at the last census). I am definitely finding it more difficult to run here as it is at 3200 feet above sea level and at home I am at sea level. Definitely noticing that!

The city was created between two silver mines and was incorporated in 1904 and named after the Westpoint Graduate, John Mullan who was tasked with finding a road route between the fort in Montana and the fort in Washington.

I have ran by a John Mullan elementary school and a secondary school, along with an Olympic sized swimming pool!

The Morning Club building is the most interesting building I have seen in town. It was built in 1921.

Sorry, I can’t help my love of old buildings! This building now has the bowling alley and the library in it. I really hope they don’t operate at the same time!

Well, that’s as far as I’ve gotten and I need to get going on that last ten kilometers so I can start making my way across Montana. I have the feeling that state is going to take much longer!

Have fun!


18 thoughts on “Run To Rapid City Update #5

    1. I really have noticed it when I am running other places, even Arizona. I guess that’s what I get for being able to walk out and stick my toe in the ocean.

      1. Lol yes they are. I was just trying to play along that I was there. I have not actually been feeling those effects:). I’d better be careful to be more clear next month🤣

  1. Not only are you running but you are also learning:) That is a lot of motivation right there! After you’ve made it to Kathy’s keep coming east. You can visit me in Boston:) There is so much to see and learn about between there and here:)

    1. Oo thanks for the offer- I may need to stop at your place as Regina wants me to visit her in New York and I’m definitely going to need a midway stop!
      I’ve been really enjoying learning about places as I go!

    2. Sorry I should have made it clear- I’ll be going from South Dakota to the Ottawa area to visit family and that’s why I’ll be doing Boston before New York.🤣.

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