Not as exciting as yesterday, well almost as not.


I didn’t really want to do anything, but it’s great having a parent who’s first question is- are you going running? It forces one out the door. I just went to the field and did 3.3km around there and then came home and did a 10 Minute Full Body Stretch from Nourish Move Love.


Today my excitement came at the baking time. I needed to make zucchini bread as that was what my dad asked for, but after the lemon zucchini muffins he decided he wanted the bread to be lemon too. Not a problem. Until I went to he t everything out and realized I didn’t have enough gluten free flour to make the bread. I decided that I would just make the bread with regular flour and sour cream.

It was going along fine. I remembered a warning my SIL has given me and wore a mask when I was measuring and adding the flour so that I wouldn’t inhale any. I was mixing the batter when I looked down and realized that both of my hands had gone beet red and splotchy. I guess I can’t even really touch gluten or dairy. I did finish the bread and then put ice on my hands after washing them a zillion times.

The bread turned out well my mom and dad said.


I have spent the day working on my second test knit- one that I am doing for Alicia Plummer. I was super excited to do one of her sweaters as I always love her designs. I am just about a third way through.

However I did run into town and get blocking pins so I could get my sweater from yesterday blocked.

This sweater pattern is called Juliette by Josee Paquin and the pattern should be out soon. It is knit back and forth until the v neck is complete and then carried on in the round. Stitches are then picked up for the neckline and the sleeve bands. I found the pattern very easy to follow and quick to complete. The only change I would make would be to pick up more stitches around the neckline so it was a tiny bit bigger.

The yarn I used was Berrocco Folio which is incredibly soft. I just didn’t realize that it is slightly see through too. I still think this sweater is going to be a work horse in my wardrobe.


I joined my parents for wings Wednesday but that has been everything that has happened today.

Have fun!


20 thoughts on “Quiet Day

  1. Beautiful! It’s nice to see your face. Lovely top, too. I am thinking about trying some test knitting in the future. I have too many of my own projects right now though.

    1. I did a little bit last year and then stopped, but these were two designers that I really love their style. I am being much more picky now so it doesn’t take over all my time

  2. I’ve been thinking about your allergic reaction, and that makes me think that you are allergic to wheat, or do you have problems with rye too? I only ask because Girl# 2 was allergic to milk as a child, but we accidentally discovered it was the casein protein. If the milk has been scalded she could have it, so baked goods and hot chocolate caused no reaction, but milk from the jug could send us to ER. Do you have to take benedryl when you have an unexpected episode like this? I have found it helps when I have skin reactions, not only just itchy eyes or a runny nose from allergies. Oops, too much mom coming out here!

    1. It’s okay I appreciate mom! I seem to react to anything with gluten as I can’t even handle caramel colouring. The dairy also seems to be everything. Truth be told, I get so sick that I’ve just not been willing to experiment and just avoid it all.

      1. I get that totally! I got curious when you were just mixing…made me wonder if you are allergic to the wheat more than the gluten. That would still make wheat gluten problematic, but possible not rye or barley (I think barley has gluten, anyway).

    1. If I ingest it, it takes a week or two too really feel normal again. Yesterday with it just touching me I was okay after a lot of hand washing and ice application

  3. Your SIL had a great tip about the mask when you work with regular flour. Next time you just need to wear some gloves too 🙂

    The color of your shirt is so pretty! It’s such a good neutral nude without looking like you aren’t wearing a shirt. Hopefully that comes off correctly! I mean it as in sometimes people have nude clothing on that is almost the exact same color as their skin and it looks like they aren’t wearing a shirt or pants which makes me do a double take.

    1. Yes I definitely am glad I thought of the mask and wish I had thought of gloves!
      I totally get what you mean as it makes me do a double take too. I try to avoid that oatmeal colour that does that to me!

      1. You live and you learn. Hopefully the redness went away quickly.
        Haha okay good! I wanted to make sure what I was trying to say came across right

    1. So am I!! I’ve been so careful to not eat anything and then would have been so mad at myself to have an incident that way

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