I finished one project yesterday, but fell asleep, so you get two today.


I did a 5km run this morning. It was actually 4.65km when I got back to the house so I turned around and did one loop to the end of the street and back to get to 5km.

Other than stretching after the run, this is all I did today.


Yesterday I finished my second test knit. This one was for Alicia Plummer for her Wyeth Kids. I made this sweater out of Estelle Worsted in a dark navy blue and I think it will be a very handy sweater come Fall and Winter.


Today I tackled a new project. As a teenager I made some of my own clothes, but I really haven’t done a lot of garment sewing since. A couple of weeks ago I had seen some fabric on sale that I really wanted to make a tank top out of, so I bought it and today, I got to the project.

I used a free pattern online from SewMuchAdo. It came with instructions that were quite good, it would have helped if my printer had done as good a job!

I had the top practically made when I slipped it on and realized it was way too big. I have learned the hard way that I need to hold the pattern up to myself before I start cutting fabric so I can alter it right away.

This top took way longer than it should have, but I now have a tank top pattern that works for me and I’m thinking there will definitely be another one in my future.

Well that’s all for my day. Have fun!


18 thoughts on “Finally Something to Share

  1. That sweater looks great, i think a navy sweater or cardigan is a wardrobe necessity! Your tank looks great now, so you solved the fit issues. It’s really nice to have a go to pattern for a basic like that. 🙂

  2. I like both sweaters AJ – totally different looks and both look good on you. My mom used to knit pullovers for me and I still have two of them: gray and a brown-multicolor, same pattern. They were made with a fuzzy wool. I also used to make a lot of my clothes, for the same reason you do – difficult to find clothes that fit properly. I was too tall for most clothes, especially pants and also jackets. I was pretty lucky with my creations fitting properly, except one time when I made a simple gored, black velvet skirt. I am sure to this day the pattern was mis-sized. It was way too small. It is disheartening isn’t it?

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