While I am not back to the reality of work yet, I am back to the reality of home.

I woke up this morning and made the five hour journey home. The ferry was already full when I arrived so I was very happy to have a reservation. I unfortunately was the person holding up traffic at the end when my car required a jump start to get going. Who know what happened as it’s been fine since then. I continued the pain and torture by stopping to renew my car insurance on the way home. Wow is it ever expensive!


After a lovely nap, I went and met up with Sarah and Dennis for a run around the river. It was so hot and humid, but it was still nice to have company. Another 4.14km towards my running road trip.

I also wore my new tank top and it worked great! I’ll be making myself some more of them as I like tanks that aren’t tight.

I also got another NourishMoveLove workout done- the fifteen minute low impact barre workout. It is somewhat disconcerting to do a workout led by a pregnant woman who appears to be sweating less than yourself. I had better up the exercise!


I stopped in to grab some fruits, veggies and milk and my food delivery came early. I am not super excited about the two meals I got, but will give them a try later this week. It is supposed to rain for the next couple of days, so that will give me some time in the kitchen.


I arrived home to awesome mail- the yarn I had ordered from the Fibre Co arrived! It is a gorgeous colour and I will be starting that project on Sunday probably.

I also had a package left at my door that is my address, but not my name. I am thinking I should call Purolator tomorrow and see what they will do with it. ????


It was the weirdest thing- I actually watched the Democratic convention speeches tonight. I think my father is rubbing off on me. I am so not interested in politics, but I did want to see Obama and Harris speak. That may be the end of my political viewing, but maybe it will give me a conversation topic over the next week.

Well, I’m going to go crawl into bed with my book.

Have fun!


8 thoughts on “Back to Semi Reality

  1. Oh my god, barre can be killer, can’t it?!

    When we were still able to do classes there was a pregnant woman in our class who always made it look easy. I died every time 😝

    1. Yes!!! The things they expect my body to do are crazy!
      Oh I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one in this situation!

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