It was just a lovely day all around.


I stayed in bed this morning to finish my book. The Light Over London by Julia Kelly.

If you like historical fiction and double timelines you’ll like this book. I would actually recommend it to most people as it was a great read! It captured my attention quickly and kept it. It is also quite short at 290 pages. Both the 1940s storyline and the present day storyline were interesting and well- developed. I also liked that it was based on the gunner girls in the Second World War.


I did some baking today, but you’ll have to come back on Saturday to hear about it.


I took my nephew for lunch today. We went to White Spot which is no longer in the reasonably priced category! $50 for lunch for two and there was no alcohol involved! I had a teriyaki bowl with no rice, but extra veggies.

Gus had a double double burger that was there one minute and gone the next. I told him he must have grown again as I felt even smaller beside him.

We of course went for ice cream for dessert.


After dropping Gus off and having a nap, I met up with Sarah for a run at the river. It was hot and we were slow, but it’s another 4km done. I do so enjoy having company on runs!

I also did the NourishMoveLove 15 minute Power Yoga routine. I started doing some simple weights before this, but then thought that since I don’t know what’s called for tomorrow, I should just do the yoga. It felt good and I think my knee actually came closer to my elbow, even after just these few sessions.


I had ordered two books and one showed up the other day. I live chatted and thought I had arranged to have the other book shipped again, but then today I got an email telling me that they were shipping me the book I already had! I spent some time on the phone getting this sorted out and hopefully my second book will show up soon so I can show them off.

Well I’m going to do a bit of Scrabble and then head to bed with a book to finish up this nice day:)

Have fun!


11 thoughts on “Just a Nice Day

  1. I was thinking that book sounded like something that needed to be on my list and it already was. It’s great to hear you enjoy it!

    $50 for lunch seems like a lot at a casual spot for just two entrees! Crazy

    1. Oh I’m glad it’s on your list! I was actually going to say “ hey Maureen you’d really like this” in my post🤣
      It was crazy, especially since I had water and he had iced tea.

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