Even on holidays, I like Fridays!


I met Dennis for his favourite trail run. It is not my favourite, but I figure I’d better do this one for him sometimes. I always seem to be slow on this trail run. It is an out and back along a river to a waterfall. I know that I will be slow on the way out because it is all slightly uphill, but the trail is also technical so I never really feel like I get into a groove with my running. It did give me 7.56km more towards my goal which is important since we are approaching the end of the month!

I unfortunately didn’t plan well and didn’t get any other exercise in today because I had a massage. After paying for a massage I try to enjoy the benefits for at least a day!


After a lovely nap, I met up with a friend and her husband. I had texted her in the morning to let her know I had her shirt and some baking for her kids. Her and her husband came down and we had a great visit in the park across the street. I wish I got to do this type of thing more often!


I have been busy knitting away on my Weekender and I actually finally undid the previous start as I committed to this newer, slightly smaller sized one.

I hope this works well as I went to put away my Seraphina sweater today and I’m so disappointed that it is just so big on me! I hate doing all this work to end up with something that doesn’t fit well:(


I always try to hold off until I’ve finished a book before talking about it, but this one I can’t resist. I am listening to Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin and am absolutely loving it. It is all about making and keeping habits. It has definitely made me think about myself and what I want my life to be about. The bonus today is that it got me to do a little tidying around the house too.

Well, I think that’s everything about my day.

Have fun!


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