How did that happen? My nephew said the other day that his summer had gone so quickly. I told him to just wait, it gets faster!

There was absolutely no exercise today, just lots of foam rolling to try and get my hip to loosen up. I’m hoping one more night on the heating pad will do it. I did mean to take an Epsom salts bath, but didn’t quite manage to get there.


My job today was floors and I went at them bright and early. I got my kitchen, hallway and living room washed, the bathroom, bedroom and deck swept and the carpet vacuumed in under an hour. I was super happy with myself🤣


I am now on the third book in the Blossom Street series by Debbie Macomber. So far I think I liked the first one best.


I have to admit that I have spent most of the day knitting. I have bound off the front of my sweater and am only six rows away from doing so on the back. I may just have a new sweater for the weekend.


The final book I ordered came today. It is Living Freely Gluten Free by Jennifer Bigler. I think I will try one of the recipes out for Wednesday when I am seeing some friends.


With going back to school, I am really trying to get organized at home. Today I went to the mall to spend my David’s Tea gift card, but they are closed. I guess I’ll be buying very little online to get the gift card to cover the shipping as well.

I also looked for the containers we want for math manipulatives this year, but no luck with those either.

My luck improved when I stopped in the village. I had a gift card to the Tea and Paper Nook and found a very beautiful and expensive candle to buy. I have admired the smell of these candles before, but refused to pay the price. Well today they were on sale so my gift card covered the cost. It seemed like the perfect gift and I will enjoy smelling it:)

Well there’s my non exciting day for you.

Have fun!


17 thoughts on “Monday Again?

    1. Oh a day of crafting is always so lovely!! It seems calming:)
      It is called Fairview- all of the candle scents are named after an area of the city. I think this one has grapefruit in it.

  1. You said you had absolutely no exercise. I beg to differ. Read what you did under the HOUSE heading. That IS exercise, and in my book, that counts DOUBLE. Quintuple is more like it.

    1. It is the City Collection so each is named after a part of the city. I got Fairview which I think has some grapefruit in it. It smells delicious! I may never burn it and just keep it open so the smell wafts out.

  2. Imagine having a Weekender by the weekend! I honestly don’t know where the summer has gone. Our students return next week. I am looking forward to it. Many are choosing to stay remote, so class sizes will be smaller. Now that I am back to my regular work day, I am pooped!!

    1. I have no idea yet what is happening with my school. I wasn’t going to go in this week since I don’t know how to set up, but now I’m feeling guilty for not going in

      1. There is a lot of confusion, that’s for sure. I spoke with a parent yesterday. She said she was soooo stressed out. I assured her that she is not alone. So much will remain unknown until the doors actually open.

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