It was a nice day!

Still no exercise! I was supposed to run with Sarah but she wasn’t feeling well so I decided that that must be a sign that I should have two days off. My hip is feeling better, but we’ll see how it does when I start running on it!


I spent a lot of the morning working on the Weekender and am finally onto the sleeves. Let’s hope I have something to show you soon!


I was knitting when Dennis called telling me to come across the street for coffee. It was a nice way to break up the day at home and we made a plan to run in the morning so now I have something to look forward to.


I got my dusting done and it only takes ten minutes! I also got a picture hung up on my wall:)


I made another batch of the lemon zucchini muffins as I am meeting up with some friends at the playground tomorrow. I did check to see if they were comfortable accepting baked goods from me and they were. I will need to maybe do some zucchini slices with cheese and tomato sauce as I have a little bit of my zucchini left.

I also made a white cake from my new cookbook and managed to get it dark brown. It’s supposed to be a poke cake with strawberry jello, vanilla pudding and coco whip. Do you think it’s saveable or should I make another?

Actually the dark brown just rolled off it and it looks better underneath.


It was just four of us tonight. We started in fourth place and tonight was the final of the tournament.

In the first round:

Who played Goose’s love interest in Top Gun?

Meg Ryan

What body part did Van Gogh cut off?


What is the capital of Hungary?


The music round was horrible, full of New Punk music. We did notice the host’s girlfriend seemed to be singing along to every song. Ugh I hate it when people aren’t on the up and up!

What was the most popular tv finale of all time?


And then I had to go home early as I started to not feel well. Wonder what got me this time? I only had veggies and chicken wings- guess it was the chicken wings:(

Have fun!


18 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday

  1. I could envy the fact that dusting took you only 10 minutes. If that’s all it took me, I’d do it once a week. As it is, dust in my bedroom is removed when I can write in it on the dresser. John dusts the other rooms when company is coming. Yes, we live in squalor and filth, although I do take a shower every day.

    1. Lol I’ve lived like that all summer. My mom always said the cleaning would still be there when I got to it and she’s right. The quick timing is the bonus of living in a little condo

  2. I love your trivia posts! I think I could’ve gotten MASH if it was a multiple choice or someone threw it out as a possibility. It’s crazy how nothing as topped it since.

  3. Your cake was definitely worth finishing, hope you did! My hip is giving me grief too, first because I didn’t exercise enough, and now because I am walking again every day. However, I know mine is because my pelvis is crooked, so it will no doubt be the cause of endless as I get older. Hoping I can get past this initial soreness and losses things up again! I hope yours is responding to the rest you are giving it!

    1. Oh I’m sorry to hear you have a sore hip too! Ugh😖. I am mad at it as I had to cancel my run this morning and it is the perfect running weather here! It better improve soon!

  4. I don’t know or like New Punk music either, so I would have bombed at that. I’ve never seen “Top Gun” either. I knew the other answers and they were not about “The Brady Bunch” either. 🙂 I hate to dust … there are lots of things to dust in this house – knickknacks in the kitchen especially.

    1. Ya I was not impressed that he is letting his girlfriend choose topics when she is competing:(
      I don’t do a lot of knickknacks so the dusting only took 10 minutes and I guess I can survive anything for ten minutes

      1. No … a little bit of inequity there for sure. My mom collected birds, ducks and geese figurines and wood carvings for years and the house is done in country, so the waterfowl are everywhere – roosters too. And I collected teddy bears for years – I was allergic to them as a child, so didn’t start collecting until I was older. Lots of critters to dust, believe me!

      2. Oh my grandma had a rooster collection. I had to dust her house and it definitely encouraged me to not have many knickknacks!

      3. Oh that’s funny – I can see why you’d not be fond of having them around. My grandmother had lots of knicknacks as well, handed down from her mom. Back then plate racks that went around a whole room were popular – imagine dusting the rack, the plates – nope, glad that was more of a vintage look!

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