Well I have yet again hanged locations, but this one is only about fifteen minutes from home. I am dog and house sitting for my brother.

I had to cancel my run yesterday on Dennis as I really didn’t think my hip was going to make it. It was a little sore while walking the dog right now, but it seems to have gotten to the point where it loosens up once it’s warmed up- let’s hope I run this afternoon!


I iced the lemon zucchini muffins and finished off the poke cake. The poke cake isn’t hard, just a lot of steps. The kids liked it and I didn’t mind it, though I want to try it with the fruit salad and pistachio pudding my grandma used to use.


I quickly walked the dog and then met up with two friends at a local park. I wanted to make sure I saw them all as once I’m back unschool I won’t be able to. Most of my friends have made it clear that they’ll be keeping their distance. I get it.

The park was awesome and new to me, though it isn’t far from home. The top has a regular play structure, but then there is a long slide that goes from that level to the next where there is a field and a climbing wall. Then you go down one more level and there is a water park and a sand pit. We spent most of our time on the lowest level as it was a warm day.

I then rushed back as I had some friends coming over for dinner. It was a great night as the kids loved the pool. They’ve been in lakes, etc this summer, but no pool due to Covid, so I was glad I could give them a treat. We had glory bowls for dinner and they were amazing!

I spent the rest of the night watching The Great Canadian Baking Show and then went to bed with Banks.

Well I need to go search down some tea!

Have fun!


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