I know it’s not the saying, but it describes my day.

No exercise today other than two walks with the pup. Sarah cancelled on me which disappointed me, but I’ve now had four days of rest so that hip better behave tomorrow.

Oh as I write this, I realize I did do 20 minutes of upper body weights this morning, so I did do a little something.


I actually still went home and did my chore of the day which was changing my sheets:). I’m not sure this will happen tomorrow, but at least I kept up on most of it.


I redid the front neckline that had broken on me when I was trying my Weekender sweater on. I went up a needle size so hopefully that will make it loose enough that it won’t break again.

I also ripped out the sleeve I had done so far and have redone it with a larger needle size. I will continue to work on that.


My brother seems to have every channel known to man, plus Netflix so I have been enjoying the third season of the Great Canadian Baking Show.

Now I have to go watch the finale.

Have fun!


16 thoughts on “Netflix and Knit

    1. Oh I loved the great british baking show, but only got three seasons on Netflix and then it disappeared. I keep trying to find the other seasons online, but haven’t had any luck yet:(
      The Canadian one is good because everyone is still nice.

  1. this seems like such a nice and fun day! baking shows are endless on netflix and they’re always so interesting! thanks for sharing🤍

    Follow @everythingtips for tips and recommendations if interested! It would mean a lot to me!🥺🤍

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