I can’t believe it’s the last weekend of Summer!


I got out for a run with Dennis this morning. I was nervous to take those first steps. We went out to try the dyke we had attempted a few months ago, but it was still too mucky and uneven. We were walking back to the car when Dennis decided we should look around since we were there. We ended up running the opposite direction and it was a really pretty run. We ran out this road to the conservation centre and then turned into a dyke. We weren’t sure how far the dyke went so we turned around and came back the same way. My watch said we did 7.26km, but it seems as though the third kilometer didn’t register right, so I’m not really sure.

I also did a workout this afternoon. I did a minute of walking between squats, plié squats, deadlifts, hip raises, lateral shuffle, crunches, reverse crunches, bicycles, heel tap downs, plank, bicep curls, front raise, lateral raises, tricep extensions, bent over rows, pullovers, shoulder press and chest press.

Dennis talked me into trying a new way to do my weights- 3 sets of 10 reps with increasing weight. I did that today and we’ll see how it goes after a few sessions.


I was enjoying my brother’s pool when I got a call that my appt was changed to today so I hurried to it, but then had two hours before my next appt. This gave me enough time to do my daily chore- laundry. I had given myself permission to put it off until Sunday, but this was too good a time to pass up.


I am just coming up to the cuff on my first sleeve and while it may not be done before the weekend, I think it will be done by Monday night.

Well, I think that’s my entire day.

Have fun!


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