I probably should have made plans for my bonus day, but I didn’t.


I was very tempted to go for a run this morning, but resisted as Monday’s will probably be my day off right now. I did do NourishMoveLove’s 35 minute booty glute workout. It was good and then I followed it up with stretching. I resisted foam rolling as my RMT said I should give my body a day in between to recover. Fine by me!


My job today were my floors and they got done. I also got some laundry put away as well so my house will be tidier to start the week off.


I have to admit I have spent most of the day knitting and listening to podcasts. I am playing yarn chicken with a basic raglan in sport weight cotton. I am hoping to not run out, but if I do, I’ll do a second colour for sleeves and collar. Fingers crossed I’m small enough to get it all done.

Sorry I don’t have more interesting things for you, but the only other thing I did was have a nap. Trying to build my strength for tomorrow.

Have fun!


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