Well it was the first day back to school and it was weird.


I didn’t end up getting much out of my coat room storage as we aren’t allowed to share anything and we aren’t allowed to use the coat room. I don’t feel like I got much accomplished, though I sat through two meetings and got all my desks and chairs out. At the end of the day, I looked around and my thought was that my room goes against what I believe in as a teacher:(


Sarah cancelled our run as she got hauled into a meeting so I just went over to the mill and back. I wasn’t happy that my hip was hurting. I got 5.1km done, but I think tomorrow I will just do simple weights and see how my hip reacts to that, rather than a NourishMoveLove workout.


After a lovely shower, I headed to the pub. I have been trying to come up with a plan for food all day and finally decided on;

A burger and salad, but one of the other girls had a veggie plate with a chicken breast that looked good!

What we knew:

Who wrote Ulysses?

James Joyce

What is Dr. Phil’s last name?


What are the names of the kids on Family Guy?

Chris, Meg and Stevie

What do men worry about more than women?


At Tim Hortons, put these in order from cheapest to most expensive?

Coffee, medium ice cap, 20 Tim Bits

What are the prongs on a fork called?


Which car manufacturer makes the Lexus?


What is the square root of 625?


What type of poetry has five lines?


Who didn’t Cher date?

John Travolta

What was Mr. Rodgers first name?


What is the slogan for Port Moody?

City of the Arts

What movie was Bradley Cooper not in?

The wedding Planner

We are in first place right now:)

Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


27 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday

  1. This school year is hard on everyone. I know teachers and people with kids I’ve talked to have just said it’s just a season of life and not forever. It seems like it’s helping them roll with the punches on it.

    Trivia was a nice mix of questions! Some I definitely knew and others I could’ve probably gotten since they seemed like multiple choice.

    Hope your hip is feeling better!

    1. Trivia was really good last night! The whole team contributed and we placed top three in every round- it felt good!
      I slept on a heating pad last night so let’s hope that helps!

  2. Hopefully you can get back to what you’ve always had in your class and it’s like you’re accustomed too. I didn’t do too badly with Trivia tonight. Never read “Ulysses” and never watched “Family Guy” – perhaps I’m an oddity.

      1. Whew – I was thinking I was out of touch with pop culture – I don’t have TV or Netflix so I am out of the loop on lots of things so I follow trends on Twitter.

  3. If you continue to have bad hip pain, let me know and I’ll hook you up with Laurie, a fellow blogger who is an avid runner. She is my age and been running for many years. She had horrible hip pain last year and I don’t recall exactly the recommendations/treatment, but soon she had no more issues. She/husband are retired and run every day and do long marathons (or did before COVID).

      1. OK, I didn’t know that AJ – yes, Laurie had such pain for two years and she went to see a practitioner – can’t remember if it was a doctor or a yoga instructor associated with some kind of massage therapy … I know she made recommendations that Laurie followed and she’s good as new again. Yes, do ask her – don’t suffer AJ.

      2. I know – I just got two more pair of my walking shoes since my shoe store went out of business last year … I already had a new pair waiting in the wings, but afraid they’ll stop making them … don’t want to risk blisters, not a good thing for walkers or runners … blisters, the bane of our existence! I can’t believe how late it is … I was going to try to be better about going to bed earlier.

      3. That’s good they went to making them again. I know you had a difficult time getting a good fit when they stopped. I have worn these style of walking shoes since Day #1. I sure hope they don’t mess with it.

      4. I know – I think that is their best seller according to the woman/owner of the shoe store. Don’t know if that is still true, but they are super comfortable.

  4. A great trivia night for you all. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the local plan. Half the alphabet goes in MT, and the other half WTh, and all do online F, unless there’s a holiday, then its TW, and ThF. The high school kids are on block so they have different classes and schedules on their Blue and Silver days. I have to laugh or I’d be nuts trying to figure out how to get their lessons scheduled.

    1. Your system sounds like what we had in June, but most teachers said that we couldn’t handle a whole year of trying to teach both in class and online. It will be interesting to see how long school lasts as we are up to about 100 new cases a day. We have a lot of parents pulling their kids at the last minute

      1. We spent a long time at only about ten a day, but as more things opened up and the long summer weekends- the numbers have risen. The nightclubs and banquet halls were just shut down again yesterday

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